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How Can We Serve You?

Do you have a question, looking for information, or just want a local Legal Document Preparer Professional to help you with your legal document needs?

Ask your question. Let us know what you are looking for, give as many relevant details as you can, and remember to leave your contact information.

As legal document preparers, we are prohibited from giving legal advice, and so we only provide general information. We never mean to suggest to you what you should or should not do, except that we might suggest you continue your research or seek the advice or an attorney.

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Neighbors tree on my electrical line 
Can I force my neighbor to trim his vegetation back as it is laying on my electrical line to my house. What action can I take to remedy this situation? …

How long does it take to evict someone from retail space? 
How long does it take to evict someone from retail space?

supplemental petition for relocation with minor children 
I'm representing myself for supplemental petition for relocation with a minor children. just want to find out how to fill it out correctly.

How to write a motion to dissolve Writ of garnishment 
Hi...I had a writ of garnishment served on my bank (I am self employed)My checking account is under D.B.A.. I filed a claims of exemption for Head of Household …

Pro se appearance 
Our counsel on record was discharged by us last month. He subsequently filed a motion to withdraw as counsel on record and stated in that motion that …

Writ of Garnishment 
How do I prepare and file a "head of household" exemption for such a writ? These are details as far as I understand them: I was not served notice by …

I need to sue an attorney for false representation/ He was a lawyer for the bad guy 
In what court do I file and can I file Pro Se. As of right now I have had a very hard time obtaining an attorney willing to sue against the county officials …

When to file as a Civil Indigent 
Hello! I hope you can point me in the right direction. My brother in law is on welfare and is very ill. My in-laws state that they do not have the money …

early termination of community control 
I just went to court to have my community control GPS removed early. The judge wrote modify probation on the paper I received. Does this mean I am still …

contempt warrant issued unjustly on alimony 
I had a heart attack in 2005 when my ex wife and I were getting divorced, she was granted 25.00 in alimony, In Jan 2013 I had another heart attack and …

Tenant Leaving a month before termination date of Extension 
My problem Is I have a tenant in Boca Raton Florida Who was given a 90 day extension which they signed and is now vacating the premises a month before …

I have an existing case of contesting a will 
My attorney quit. I don't know what to do at this point. Can I subpoena someone to get doctors names and who would I send that to?

Can I have record sealed if I have an eviction? Can I reopen an eviction case that I chose to move instead of going to court?

How to notify court of pro se representation in florida 
My attorney no longer representing me, how do I notify the court of pro se representation in Florida?

A FL paralegal for Collier County was working on my ex's and my simple dissolution of marriage paperwork. I live out of state and my ex found this paralegal …

Filing for a modification of child custody 
I am filing a modification of child custody of my two daughters. My ex wife an I have been divorced for 10 years. There are many reasons, below that I …

Eviction from a commercial property 
Is the eviction process from a commercial retail space the same process as in residential?

Filing Divorce paperwork 
If we file an agreement to Waive Mandatory Disclosure, do we still have to file the Financial Affidavit?

Do I have to be a resident of the county where I want to apply for Civil Indigent Status 
I live in Orange county and my ex filed for divorce in Dade County, Florida. Can I file for assistance to have my mediation fee waived in Dade County even …

how to complete a answer to supplemental petition form 
How do I complete an answer to supplemental petition form?

Can I sue for ruining my credit? 
My abusive exhusband has on several different occasions refused to pay the mortgage on the family home (financial abuse). This has resulted in three separate …

Request dismissal and respond to a motion for contempt 
My ex-husband filed a motion for contempt against me claiming I deny him visitation of our child, which is untrue as he's the one who failed to exercise …

step parent adoption of spouse's child 
i was wondering...what are exact fees in avon park florida for stepparent adoption of spouse's child? also, are there any fee assistance programs for …

witness info 
Does the respondent have to give witness list to petitioner prior to hearing?

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Setting a mediation date for time share of child 
I am in the process of developing a parenting plan between myself and my daughters mother. I was represented by an attorney to start this process but …

Divorce of a spouse with Mental Health  
What is Florida law concerninig divorcing a spouse who has extreme mental health and substance abuse issues?

Monies promised and owed 
Monie owed from promise of monthly payments for 2 years. Balances outstanding from first year and no payments received going into 2nd year. Dec. 1 will …

Child Support Modification 
I have 60% time sharing & my X has 40%. I am primary. We have been divorced for several years. I am confused as to what constitutes a substantial change. …

Child Relocation 
I am looking for information on prohibiting a minor from relocating to another state.

Petition to modify Final Judgment 
My ex-husband has decided to file for a petition to modify child support. He has primary residency and I get our children every other weekend. I can …

Divorce - Husband incarcerated. 
My husband is currently in prison and he has already filed the divorce papers but has not sent in his indigent form or the documents stating how much money …

child visition downloadable court forms 
i need to TRANSFER and REOPEN my child support/visitation case from Miami-dade 11th court to Broward County court....where can i find download for those …

early probation termination 
Form to petition for early probation termination

Handicaped housing removes a vital service 
I am handicapped with Parkinson's disease and a back problem. I was lucky enough to locate a handicapped accessible apartment through Abilities Of Pinellas. …

Can I successfully change file a motion to transfer my divorce/custody case from Lake County, FL to Orange County, FL? 
Statutes in support of moving my case to Orlando from Lake County, FL. We were married and living in my ex husband's house in Clermont(Lake county). Our …

Documents for a law suit 
I was wondering how I would go about filing a lawsuit against Home-depot for a broken toe injury I sustained in Sept of 2011. This is not a small claims …

Need form to file a Head of Family exemption from Creditor judgement 
Hello, I live in Broward County Florida. Additionally, I am unemployed and live in a home in foreclosure. A former attorney who billed me $70,000 …

Boyfriend trying to evict me from his home. 
What rights/recourse do I have? I have no job, income or assets. He promised to support me and pay for medical care that I need desperately. I will truly …

Relinquish parental rights  
I want to know if I can relinquish my parental rights and stop paying child support for a child I have not seen in over a year and do not know where he …

form for modifying a divorce decree 
I need information regarding asking for the judge to modify specific wording in my divorce decree. I am pro se, my ex-husband has an attorney. I filed …

Requirements to become a document preparer 
I am an out of state certified paralegal. What are the requirements to become a document preparer in the state of Florida?

Grandparent adoption 
My son lives in Florida and i live in Minnesota and they want me to adopt my grandson when he is born in Nov. How do we go about starting the process?

Motion for Change of Venue - Pinellas County to Brevard 
Do I have to appear in Pinellas or can I appear via telephone hearing?

Do i have to pay probate to get my father's belongings? He had no will and all that he had was $1300 in the bank and a pick up truck which is in inpound …

Child support question. 
My husband and i were apart for 6 months and he was paying child support. then we got back together and now are living back together and even though i …

Divorce with colorado common law marriage 
I am looking for help in determining if I can file for a divorce in Florida. I lived with a woman in colorado for over 2 years, we filed married joint …

Financial Affidavit  
I am trying to find the long version of the financial affidavit form. Thanks. Carol, We include the long form in one of our packets on the page …

nursing home 
If a home is titled in names of 2 single adults and one must go into a nursing home can the nursing home: 1/ require the home be sold and take 1/2? …

Case Law Example 
I am wondering where I may be able to find examples, in Orange County, that show where people on probation have been allowed to retain their firearms. …

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Can a domestic violence injunction void a lease? 
Can a domestic violence injunction void a lease?

I have an injunction of protection against my ex and he found out where i live, can I legally break my lease agreement so I can move to protect myself? 
I'm looking for some advice to find out whether or not I have grounds to break my lease.

Pro Se Rights by law 
What specific statutes provide the rights of a Self Represented Litigant, (Pro Se)?

Subpoena duces Tecum 
Can a pro se litigant swear out a subpoena without having the clerk stamp it? What is the procedure for a pro se litigant sending out subpeanas? Dear …

document preperation training 
I was told that FALDP has online document training courses. If this is so, where do I find this information to sign up and take the courses?

Notarized Agreement 
I have a notarized custody agreement between myself and the mother of my child. She wants to contest it though. Is the notarized signed custody agreement …

Facebook Invasion of Privacy 
Does law enforcement really monitor you on facebook? Is that not an invasion of privacy? What can I do about it or is the government allowed to do this? …

Filing fee increase? 
My wife and I are not getting along lately. We're contemplating divorce but were not sure yet. We may wait a few months and then decide to but want more …

I am so upset. I got fired a few months back and I can't find a new job. I need to get a source of income to pay my rent so I applied for unemployment …

Translation of a Birth Certificate 
My birth certificate is in Spanish. Can I translate it on my own or do I need to get a legal person to assist me? Am I allowed to personally translate …

Court Costs? 
When I go to court do I have to pay court costs? For instance I live in central Florida and have an upcoming hearing for early termination of my probation. …

Separating in Florida 
I need to split with the mother of my child. She is out of control on drugs and intense partying and drinking. She is unfit to be a mother. I would like …

Establishing Residence 
I am in St. Augustine and I am trying to get a homestead exemption. The court told me I need to have proof of where I live. They told me to file a declaration …

Civil Indigent 
I'm pretty much living from paycheck to paycheck. I'm trying to get a divorce done but I don't know if I can afford it. I know I can't afford the court …

Establish Visitation Priviledges for Non-custodial Parent 
I have a daughter for whom I pay child support. I have not seen her since she was a year old. I would like to see her, but the mother refuses. She is …

My tenants are impossible! They are behind on payments. They do not take care of the lawn like they promised and the inside is a mess. I want to evict …

What is a change? 
How big of a change does it mean to make it a substantial change? What does that mean? Is moving to a different house qualify as a substantial change in …

I am Broke & Need Help!!!! 
I don't have any money. I have to go to court for child support of my kids. I know I cant afford a lawyer so I don't know what to do. Can I get a free …

Am I being Legal???? 
What is the unauthorized practice of law? What exactly is the practice of law anyways? If I try to represent myself in court or represent someone else …

Help for Women 
My history teacher told us about a lady named Rosemary Furman who helped battered women. One of my friends is in that position and I would like to help …

civil suit against law enforcement for invasion of privacy  
Where do I begin? I understand the law and have interpreted it to my best knowledge. However, I am unable to afford legal representation, although I have …

drug court in polk co,fl 
If you have unpaid fines at graduation of Florida drug court, will you go to jail or not graduate?

Motion to take Parenting Class online. 
I'm looking for a motion to take a parenting class online. I've searched all over for it, and I can't find it anywhere. I asked the clerk of court where …

Service of Process 
Can I serve my ex with divorce papers to her post office box? That is the only address that I have for her, she won't tell me where she's staying.

How much does it cost to terminate probation? 
Hi, I would like to file for early termination of probation, but I'm not sure how to go about it. First I need to know how much it costs for the court …

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Modify child support 
I need to know the definition of material change in circumstances. What does that mean -- exactly?

I was served with a Petition for Child Support. It says I can file an answer. How do I do that? Is there a certain format? I asked the clerk of court, …

Small Claims/Circuit Court 
I'm told Florida has a small claims in Circuit Court where you can seek damages up to 15,000.00. Is this true?

Floirda statute requireing clerks of the court to provide "ministerial service" 
I'm trying to find the statute that requires clerks to provide "ministerial services", IE: directing Pro Se litigants to the correct forms, verifying they …

Affidavit of Corroborating Witness 
Hello, The clerk of court told me I have to file an Affidavit of Corroborating Witness. I have lived in Florida for three years, why do I have to do that? …

Writ of Replevin 
I need to do a writ of replevin for Charlotte County. Can you help me?

Legal Aid? 
Hi, I had to leave my boyfriend because he hit me. I'm glad I'm gone, but now he won't give me my stuff back. He says if I come back we can work things …

Can an officer of a corporation sue? 
I run my business as an LLC. Actually it is almost like a sole proprietorship (just me) but I made it an LLC to protect myself. A customer owes me money …

What is "Affidavit of Corroborating Witness" for? 
Hi, I bought the divorce packet for Pinellas County, and among other forms that I'm not sure what to do with there is a form called - Affidavit of Corroborating …

Termination of Rental Agreement 
I have a month to month rental agreement with my landlord, not a lease. Do I have to give a certain amount of notice before I leave, or can I just leave …

If someone sued a wrong party say a local gov entity that had been overtaken by fed gov---but they let go ahead in fed ct for a year because they did not …

Change of Venue, Broward County 
Hello, I'm trying to find a form to request a change of venue that I can use in Broward County. My wife filed for divorce in Broward, and we don't live …

Legal aid for seniors 
Hi, I'm 67 years old and need some help recovering money that I lent to a friend. Well, not a friend anymore. I guess I have to go to small claims court, …

Can I get an Injunction against my alcoholic father? 
Dear FALDP, What do I need to do to get an injunction against my alcoholic father? I'm 22 years old and living on my own. My father comes to my house …

How do I prove paternity? 
I'm trying to get visitation with my son. I lived with his mom, but we were never married. After we split up, she was fine for a long time, and let me …

Why do they use legalese? 
DEAR FALDP, I'm not trying to be smart or sarcastic, I really want to know. Why do they use legalese? Why do they use wording that is so hard to understand? …

Declaration of Domicile 
Where can I find a "Declaration of Domicile"? I'm in Duval County. Thank you for your help.

Aalzheimer's And Durable Power of Attorney 
My Mother has alzheimer's, and I've been taking care of her for the last 8 months. Can I have her sign a durable power of attorney or is it too late? She …

Is there Legal Aid for Elderly Consumers? 
I'm 71 years old and living on social security. I've been renting my garage apartment out to a young couple who were very nice at first, they've been there …

Who can translate a legal document? 
I need my foreign birth certificate translated for immigration. I was born in Iran, but grew up in Germany, and I've applied for a green card. My wife …

So sad its over ... 
Me and my old lady are going to get a divorce.  We need to set up a schedule on who gets to have the kids and for how long and about the contact and all …

Can a corporation sue pro se? 
I'm wondering if a corporation can litigate pro se or not because wouldn't that go against what pro se means?  Pro se is supposed to mean doing it yourself …

Small Claims? 
I need to sue my ex roommate for some money.  Its only 2000 dollars so its not a lot of money.  I was wondering if you could help me find the forms I would …

Financial Affidavit 
I need to get divorced as soon as possible.  My wife and I have a lot of valuables and assets that we need to divide up.  I called the Broward county clerk …

Prescription drugs 
I recently saw a story on the news about a lot of people getting arrested for filling pain prescriptions all over the United States, especially here in …

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Can I get in trouble for helping someone? 
Hello FALDP, I came across a story earlier about a lady named Rosemary Thurman sic and how she used to help people with legal documents.  However …

I was attempting to read a contract the other day and I couldn't begin to understand it.  Someone told me that's because it is written in legalese.  Can …

sole custody 
Dear FALDP, I live in Florida and am seeking sole custody of my son.  I need help finding a legal document preparer who can help me with the termination …

What is unauthorized practice of law? 
I recently was looking up information on someone to help me fill out some legal forms. However I came across a story about the unauthorized practice of …

Which financial affidavit? 
I went to the clerk of court to file my divorce papers and they wouldn't accept them because I did not file a family law financial affidavit. I think I …

Turnaround time 
How long does it take to get items returned from the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers?

Free legal help 
Where can I find free legal help? I'm in Hillsborough county Florida. I don't have the money to hire an attorney, and I'm afraid I'll make a mistake filling …

Rosemary Furman 
What happened in the Florida Bar V Rosemary Furman case? What impact on today did the outcome of that case have? I keep hearing / reading little bits …

Pro se forms 
Where can I find downloadable family law forms in Florida? Can I fill them out myself or do I need to hire an attorney?

Document Preparation business 
What does it take to start a document preparation business? I'm from Illinois and I was running a document preparation business there for years (we called …

Unauthorized Practice of Law 
What is the definition of unauthorized practice law in Florida? What are the penalties for the unauthorized practice of law? I've been helping people …

Declaration of Domicile 
What is a declaration of domicile? Where can I find a declaration of domicile to file in Duval County and is it required?

Parenting Class 
Can I take parenting classes in another state than the one I live in? I moved to Georgia right after my wife filed for divorce. Its almost final now, …

Broward County - need help. 
Who can help me in Broward County, Florida with legal document preparation? I'm trying to figure out how to do this supplemental petition for child custody, …

Child Support 
Where can I find the form for an answer to petition for support and other relief? What other forms do I need to file along with it? I was served with …

Small Claims 
Do I need an attorney in small claims court? I've been sued over a tree job I did for a lady. She says she deserves a refund because we didn't remove all …

Financial Affidavit 
Where can I find a Florida financial affidavit long form? What is the difference between the long form and the short form? I'm getting divorced, and there …

Pro Se? 
What does it mean to be Pro Se in Florida? Is that the same as pro per? Is it wise to be Pro Se or is it better to hire an attorney? I am trying to have …

Unauthorized practice of law. 
What are the guidelines for the Florida unauthorized practice of law? How can I make certain I'm not breaking these rules?

Where can I get help with understanding these documents? 
I bought the divorce packet at the courthouse, and I can't make heads or tails of it. Do I seriously need all these forms???? Where can I get help with …

Custody of my son 
I surrendered my parental rights for my son to my ex in-laws upon becoming incarcerated. They always said upon my release my son belongs with me -- his …

Parental Relocation 
I have shared parental responsibility of my children with my ex husband, and I'm in the process of getting full custody through the courts. I receive …

Custody of my daughter if I die. 
Is there some kind of document, other than a Will, that I can use to state that I want my mother to take custody of my daughter if I die? I'm a single …

Injunction for protection 
I was granted an injunction against my son's father, but for some reason the judge awarded him two days and an overnight..all unsupervised. The man is …

Child support 
I have been paying child support for seven years. My daughter had always lived with her mom. Well, about a year ago my ex(we were never married)left my …

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Wife wants to leave the state with my kids 
I'm a 22 year old male and married with a three year old and a one year old. My Wife recently asked me to leave because of the numerous arguments we …

Termination of Parental Rights 
My daughter's father and I were not married, however, he did sign the birth certificate and she has his last name. He has never consistently been in her …

Child Visitation  
My husband and his former girlfriend were not married when their child was conceived, however my husband's name is on the birth certificate and paternity …

Ex left the state with my son 
My son's mom took my son out of state -- to Alabama. How do i get him back or find out if he's safe? I want custody of my son -- at least 50/50 or 100 …

Elder Law 
How can I get information about asset preservation to be eligible for medicaid in Broward County. I am a cancer sufferer and was on disability ( now …

Child Support Question 
My son's father and I are going through child support issues. We were never married. We are trying to do an uncontested Time sharing agreement. My question …

How do I find a form for custody/visitation? 
I'm already paying child support, how can I make sure that I can actually visit with my daughter? My ex lets me sometimes, and sometimes she just tells …

I am sending notice of subpoena to the Petitioner's Attorney in my divorce. I am wondering if I need to send him the unsigned subpoena too, or do I wait …

I went thru mediation in Pasco county. Since moved to Brevard county. Is Pasco mediation recognized in Brevard County or am I entitled to a mediation hearing …

What constitutes a timely scheduled hearing on a motion in a divorce? 
I filed a petition for divorce. My husband filed a motion to dismiss on day 19 of his 20 days to respond. That was 30 days ago and he has still not scheduled …

My homeless brother who lives in florida, has nothing, no money and no assets. Is there housing available for him somewhere?

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