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Choosing a Document Preparer

Are document preparer services all created equal? No, probably not, and why should they be? Different preparers serve different consumer needs and so business models vary widely. However, there are some basic questions to ask a document preparer, and some other things you need to ask yourself before deciding if a particular document service is right for your needs.

National Document Preparation Service
Florida Document Preparation Service

Does it matter? YES! In many types of document preparation knowing state and local forms and rules makes all the difference. Family law and real estate matters are two areas where the laws from state to state are completely different. Florida publishes forms for self-represented consumers that can be used statewide. In addition there are local forms that local or Florida based document preparers are much more likely to be aware of than a national provider. Even if a national provider is using the appropriate statewide forms, a national company is unlikely to have taken the time to research local forms and rules.

Also, although other document preparation types are federal, such as bankruptcy, there are state and local rules relative to types of exempt property and assistance with the means test, that a Florida document preparer may be more familiar with than would a document preparer from another sate. And although, a Florida document preparer may not offer legal advice, he may be able to readily point consumers to sources of local and Florida information.

Professional Website & Internet Reputation

Does the document preparer have a professional website? In this day and age, it is hard to imagine a serious businessperson not having an internet presence. For many document preparers a pleasing and informative website is a new customer's first impression. Their site should be pleasing to look at, easy to navigate, include contact information, and information about their prices, policies, and services. If their website is such that you only fill out questionnaires online or pay for services only online without the need to speak to a document preparer first, make sure there is a way to contact the document preparer if things go wrong.

As a prospective customer, it may also be a good idea to plug your document preparer's name into a search engine and see what you find. If first on the list is a consumer complaint, its a good idea to look for another document preparer. You may also check social media to find out even more about your document preparer and his business..

Face to Face or Virtual

Decide for yourself which will work better for you. Some consumers are not completely comfortable with completely online services, others are. Each has pros and cons. A virtual provider is usually able to pass savings in overhead to their customers, so virtual services may be less expensive. The convenience of using a virtual provider is a huge plus for some consumers, as there is no need to make an appointment and then travel to the document preparer's office. Face to face services may be better if you want your document preparer to notarize your paperwork for you, or you just feel better dealing with someone in person.

FALDP Member

The Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers was founded in 2010 and is a voluntary trade association. Membership in FALDP shows consumers that the document preparer is serious about their business, and that he or she has been accepted for membership. Membership qualifications are listed on the Membership Page, and these are strictly adhered to. Our Membership Directory is set up by Judicial Circuit, and then lists each county within the circuit. Click on a county to find the document preparers based in or nearby your county. The document preparers who have identified themselves as virtual providers are available to work throughout the state, over the phone and online. In addition, in 2016 FALDP members were given the opportunity to become FALDP Certified. This is an internal certification process that has nothing to do with any external government entity. However, members who go the extra mile to become FALDP Certified show consumers that they have gone the extra mile to provide service to consumers. Learn more about the FALDP Certification process here.

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