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Debt Course Bundle ~ $289.

Our Debt Course Bundle includes two online courses created to teach Florida legal document preparers how to prepare documents according to the written instructions provided by their customers. Document preparers may not offer legal advice or provide representation, however with accurate legal information, and professionally prepared documents, consumers have the tools to pursue their legal goals.

Many consumers cannot begin to afford an attorney. Our services are vital.

Courses in this Bundle:

  • Personal Bankruptcy - Chapter 7
  • Debt Defense

The Debt Defense course includes the necessary forms and templates; and detailed information explaining how to prepare them. There is also additional information so that document preparers can better understand the issues that litigants may face during the proceedings in a law suit to collect a debt. The Personal Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 Course explains the Florida rules regarding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, including the list of exemptions, information about calculating the means test, and do's and don't's for Bankruptcy Petition Preparers. This course does not include forms, instead it includes links to the federal bankruptcy sites where bankruptcy forms are free downloads.

Course Outlines

Debt Defense Course Outline

Module I:

  • Introduction
  • Origins of Money and Credit

Module II:

  • Anatomy of a Debt Collection Law Suit
  • Procedural Steps
  • Forms and Templates

Module III:

  • Laws and Debt
  • Fair Debt and Collection Practices Act
  • Usury

Module IV:

  • Judgments
  • Garnishment
  • Execution and Levy

Module V:

  • Readings and Resources
  • "You've Been Sued" ebook download
  • Link to Quiz
  • Link to Course Completion Survey

Help yourself or help your customers prepare documents to defend against a law suit to collect a debt. This course includes sample documents, templates, and more. Also includes the most recent version of our ebook - "You've Been Sued! How to Answer a Civil Complaint"  . Debt Defense is completely self-paced and online as are all of our online courses. Five modules with an exam link at the end, then complete the Exit Survey to request your Certificate of Completion. Five Modules.

 Bankruptcy Course Outline

Module I:

  • Overview of the Federal Bankruptcy Courts in Florida
  • Do's and Don'ts for Bankruptcy Petition Preparers

Module II:

  • Eligibility
  • Case Progression
  • Filing Fees
  • Meeting of Creditors

Module III:

  • Counseling and Resources
  • Florida Districts with Links
  • Glossary of Bankruptcy Terms
  • Module IV:

Means Test

  • Link to Means Test Calculator
  • Definition of Median Income
  • Six Month Income Rule
  • Number in Household

Module V:

  • Exemptions
  • Link to Quiz
  • Course Completion Survey

Like our other online courses, "Bankruptcy Basics - Chapter 7" is completely self-paced. Bankruptcy forms are not included in this course. The time needed to complete the course varies according to individual learning styles. This course does not include forms. Five Modules. 


Debt Course Bundle

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