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Central Theme ~ What Can We Do?

This year the central theme for our conference is: WHAT Can We Do? What CAN We Do? What Can WE Do? What Can We DO?

  • WHAT - The specific "what" we do is prepare documents, explain procedure, and provide legal information to Florida pro se litigants. But, we do far more.
  • CAN - We CAN do much more than prepare documents, explain procedure, and provide legal information. We can change people's lives in positive ways. We help people move on with their lives. A bankruptcy petition lets someone start over with a blank financial slate - debt free. A divorce helps people end a relationship gone sour. And immigration documents help people breathe easier, knowing that they are on the right path. 
  • WE - We are nonlawyer document preparers helping people solve their life problems by providing the prepared documents, legal information, and explanation of court and government procedures that consumers are desperate to know. 
  • DO - We DO all these things, all day everyday, making Florida a better place to live. The fact that we don't and cannot provide legal advice or representation is not a hindrance to the positive things that we do. 
  • ? - What Can We Do? What else can we bring and provide that will assist Florida residents, pro se litigants, and consumers move on with their lives? Join us at the conference - we'll talk about it.

Visit our Conference Info page to read about the speakers we have scheduled for this year's conference.


  • 9:00 - Ruth Tick, Director of FALDP will introduce the day and discuss this year's conference overall theme - "What Can We Do?
  • 10:00 - David Ayala, President of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Central Florida Chapter, will discuss the ongoing effort to help offenders reintegrate into society by offering Second Chance Workshops; civil rights and criminal offenders; and the referendum for restoration of civil rights.
  • 11:00 - Ruth Tick - What are we doing now to help consumers? As a group we have members who prepare a wide range of documents. What more can we do to make Florida a better place to live? Big idea - FALDP Get Documented Initiative.
  • 12:00 - Lunch
  • 1:00 Post-conviction document preparation - seal & expunge, early termination of probation, modification of probation, restoration of civil rights. And why we care.
  • 2:00 Elizabeth Alvarado, Capital Good Fund, Client Services Representative will explain the loan products that are available to consumers through Capital Good Fund. Immigration loans, personal loans, and emergency loans.
  • 3:00 - Ruth Tick - A look ahead. A discussion of our plans for the coming year and a discussion about what the members would like to see happen.
  • 4:00 - Wrap up- Awards, prizes, and more.

8th Annual FALDP Conference 9/16/2017

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Conference Pricing

Conference registration opens on June 1. The payment feature (Paypal Buy Now Button) will appear after you submit the registration form. After you pay, you'll then receive a confirmation page with the discount codes for accommodations at the Fountain Beach Resort.

  • Conference Only - $95
  • June - Conference Plus Membership - $150
  • July - Conference Plus Membership - $160
  • August & September - Conference Plus Membership - $170

Please note: This is a Members Only Conference. If you have not yet joined FALDP, you can apply for membership, and join us at our annual conference. If your any reason, we cannot accept you into our association, your fees will be refunded. Conference fees are non-refundable.

Conference Specials

We're offering two conference specials this year. Both specials are available during the run up to the conference, and are available to current members and new members. These are:

Turn Key Business Bundle Classic $499. - Conference fee waived with purchase of our Turn Key Business Bundle Classic. This Turn Key Bundle always includes the membership fee, and as a conference special includes the conference fee as well.

Flat Fee Course Bundle $499 - Choose any three FALDP online courses and your membership fee AND conference fee will be waived. This is savings up to $170.

We allow attendees to bring along a guest at no charge as long as we have the space available. 

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