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Civil Indigent Status Denied Seminole County

My husband and I applied for civil indigent status for the filing of a simplified dissolution of marriage, at the Seminole County Civil Courthouse.
We read the statute and felt we fit into all of the requirements. Following is all we wrote on the application:
Our HOMESTEAD is valued at 75000 at the county website and we owe 110000 on it.
Our CAR has a blue book value of 7300 and we owe 11000 on it.
Our CREDIT CARD DEBT is of 1200.
Our SAVINGS are of 1000.
I am unemployed since November 2016 because of health issues and, so, am a tax dependent of my husband. At the court house they made us fill 2 indigent applications, one for each of us, even though we file taxes together. The clerk denied, we politely asked why and she, very rudely, said she would send to the judge. Today we got a call the judge denied it. I am going back to my home country to be able to afford medical treatment because, here in the US, I cannot, so we wanted to settle the dissolution before I left. We cannot afford all the fees though... Did we read the statute wrongly? Is not, Is there any recourse? Can we apply at another courthouse?
Thank you very much

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Denied Indigent Status
by: FALDP Staff

Dear Consumer,
You might try filing again in a neighboring county. There is no requirement to file for divorce in the county where you reside. You also may want to use the regular petition for dissolution instead of the simplified dissolution because that way only the petitioner would need to appear in court.

From what you wrote, it sounds like you should be entitled to a waiver for your filing fees, but I may not be aware of everything.

I also may be able to refer you to a non-profit lender who offers easy access loans. Please call, 800-515-0496 for more information.


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