Free Legal Forms

We will be adding more and more free legal forms as we go. For now, here is a brief description and a link to download. This first one is a very generic blank affidavit. It can be customized to say what ever you need it to say. The "affiant" is the person signing and swearing to the content of the document.

Blank Affidavit

The next free legal form is a blank family law motion. Again, you can customize it to say anything that you need it to say. The person filing a motion is called the "movant". A motion typically, does not need to be notarized since there is already a court case underway.

Blank Family Law Motion

Next is an Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status. Consumers who qualify for civil indigent status, can have their court filing fees waived in Florida civil courts. This waiver includes the fees paid to the sheriff for service of civil process:

Application for Civil Indigent Status

You can find more detailed information about civil indigent status on the civil indigent page.

The next two free legal forms are Passport Forms from the U.S. Department of State. One is a passport application, the other is a form that a single parent can use when the other parent is not available to sign a child's passport application.

Passport Application

Passport DS3053

A Quit Claim Deed is used to transfer real estate from one party to another. It is appropriate in certain circumstances, and only transfers what ever rights the Grantor has in the property to the Grantee. It does not warrant that the Grantor has any rights to begin with or make any other warranties or promises.

Quit Claim Deed

Having the correct forms filled out correctly is all important to most legal tasks. Many pro se litigants are not embroiled in litigation and may only ever spend a few minutes inside a court room. But the importance of the documents cannot be under stated. Many pro se litigants are overwhelmed by any legal task. Having the correct form helps to make you appear professional and hopefully will minimize some of your terror.

Family Law Forms Packets

The staff at FALDP is working to update and streamline the Family Law Forms Packets page with the most current Florida Supreme Court approved forms.

This section includes form downloads and enhanced Family Law Forms Packets.

  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Child Support
  • Custody, Visitation, and Parenting Plans
  • Adoptions

Go to our Family Law Forms page.

How to Make PDFs Fillable - Interactive

We've created this simple to follow and understand two page report to make your life easier. We explain exactly how to change a plain PDF form into an interactive form. Along with the simple explanation are screen shots to show you exactly what to do. You will need to be able to download one free program.

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