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We know that rental property can be a headache or a blessing, depending on how well landlords and tenants co-exist. Like any relationship there are ups and downs. Having clear boundaries, rules, and consequences are key to creating that ideal relationship.

Eviction Steps

We generally restrict our eviction assistance to eviction for non-payment of rent. 

STEP ONE - Three Day Notice

The three day notice to pay or quit can be mailed via certified return receipt; hand-delivered; or posted on the front door of the rental unit.

STEP TWO - Complaint & Summons

If the tenant does not pay and does not leave, the next step is to file a Complaint for Eviction in County Court. If there is more than one tenant, each adult tenant must be served.

STEP THREE - Motion for Default or Motion for Hearing: 

If the tenant(s) are properly served and fails to answer the complaint; the next step is a motion and order for default. If the tenant answers, then a hearing needs to be scheduled.

STEP FOUR - Take Possession of the Property

If you have a question about residential eviction, please post your question on our Ask The Members page. We invite anyone who knows the answer to post -- all we ask is that you include your source of information. Nothing on this page,or anywhere on this site is meant to be legal advice, only legal information.

In some cases, we may be able to assist you in taking possession of the property after a judge has signed an eviction order. Once an eviction is contested, only the property owner, property manager, or an attorney may proceed.  

Eviction Services

Online Course - Becoming a Successful Landlord
We Teach you how to do it yourself.

Our "Becoming a Successful Landlord" is open for registration. We think its our best course yet, packed with information, links, and Supreme Court approved landlord/ tenant forms. The same forms we sell on this site for $9.99 are included in this course as free downloads.
  • Setting Goals
  • Property Types – What works best for you?
  • Choosing a Property. - A good choice makes all the difference.
  • Rights & Responsibilities – Working together works best.
  • Financial Considerations – Affordability and accountability. Laws and regulations.
  • Personalities – The Golden Rule.
  • Dealing With Disputes – Learn how to resolve disputes before they become disasters.
  • Evictions – Specific steps
  • Conclusion – Link to the test; important forms and information.
  • This course is geared both towards landlords and the document preparers who help them. Savvy tenants can also benefit from taking this course.
    Only $199.
    All major credit cards accepted.

    Eviction Forms

    If you already know how to do it yourself - we have the forms:

  • Three Day Notice
  • Eviction Complaint and Rent Recovery
  • Eviction Complaint
  • Lease for Single Family Home
  • Lease for Multi-Unit Rental
  • Notice of Claim on Security Deposit
  • Notice of Noncompliance
  • Order for Damages
  • Summons for Damages
  • Writ of Possession




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