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Long distance visitation transportation.

After my boyfriend received visitation rights the mother moved 7 hours away. Well every visitation the mother drives here and stays with her family for a week or a few days then argues with my boyfriend that she shouldn't have to meet him half way for drop off. His thing is that nobody is asking her to drive here and she gets to stay here for days where as he would have to spend 14 hours on the road if he were to take his son all the way home. Are we nuts in thinking this? Would the courts agree with her?

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Visitation Agreement/Parenting Plan
by: Debra F

I am not a lawyer and I cannot give legal advice. I can't speak to you regarding would the courts agree. What I can tell you that you need a visitation agreement/parenting plan filed with the court to address this and any other issues you might have concerning visitation and time sharing. This is a formal notarized document and will clear up any gray areas such as this.

Florida Statute 61.13 Support of children; parenting and time-sharing; powers of court.—

I am able to assist you in preparing a parenting plant to file with the court to avoid problems in the future.

I hope this was helpful for you.

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