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Mom Desperate Needs Help For Her Girls

by Laura

HI my name is Laura I am hoping maybe someone out there can possibly help me? My ex husband and I were divorced in 08 in Florida he got everything and threw me on the the streets after 22 yrs of marriage and moved his 21 yr old gf into my house with my then 8&9 year old daughters. I ended up having to move up to PA to get my life together. My divorce decree states that my ex and I have shared shared parental responsibility and time sharing which means that we both have full parental rights, no specific times or days or holidays etc that we would decide on our own.It just states that the children will reside with the father on a day to day basis and the mother shall visit and have contact with the minor children at times and upon terms agreed upon both of us. Well he has never done that he doesn't even talk to me he makes his new wife tell me anything that he has to say. She tells me that I'm not allowed to talk to my children that if i want to talk to them that its going to be under their rules .Well the divorce states that any and all decisions be made jointly between us .not her.I am supposed to have open and free access to both him and my girls. None of that is happening.I have not been allowed to talk to or see my girls for 6 yrs because of lies told to me and them.I am now being told by friends of my oldest daughter that both her and her younger sister are being verbally mentally emotionally and physically abused by their dad and stepmom. I need to know since my divorce doesn't state specifics can I go down to Florida and remove my girls from their dad and bring them back up to PA with me because I FEAR for there safety.I do not trust either one of them. He was abusive to me my entire marriage.I want them with me and away from them but can I do that or is that kidnapping? Someone PLEASE help, my girls need me I can't afford an attorney and my ex is in major contempt of court and alienating me from my children and them from me. Please any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you so much Laura

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Mom desperate needs help for her girls
by: Connie Allis


I hope that your situation gets better soon.
Have you tried to do a petition to modify child custody in the county that your girls live in?

FORM 12.905(a),

When should this form be used?
This form should be used when you are asking the court to change the current parental responsibility,
visitation, and/or Parenting Plan/time-sharing schedule. A determination of parental responsibility, a
Parenting Plan and a time-sharing schedule may not be modified without a showing of a substantial,
material, and unanticipated change in circumstances and a determination that the modification is in the
best interests of the child(ren).

If you have any questions, please fill free on giving me a call.
Connie Allis

I am not an attorney, so I can not give legal advice.

by: Connie M. Schoenung

Laura - I am sorry for you situation. Please provide the county in which you were divorced.

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