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Roommate is breaking lease we both signed leaving me with all expenses

by Tammy
(Clearwater, FL Pinellas County)

I moved into a house with a roommate 3 months ago. We both signed the lease and I understand if she leaves I am still responsible for the total rent amount to the property mgmt. company. Her financial responsibility for the remainder of the lease is $6,000. I need to file papers/sue her for her portion of the financial obligation. I also need to ask in the court petition for permission to garnish wages and or income tax interception. I also need advice on other forms of collecting the debt.

1) I do know where she works but am not sure if she is quitting her job. Do I need to/can I subpoena her financial information including pay stubs/W-2.

2) She owns property in another state that is under contract for sale. She is expected to gain a large profit. Can I put a lien on the property if it is under contract?

3) Can the property manager force me to remove her from the lease if I am not breaching the lease agreement and paying the full rent? I do not want to release her from her contractual obligation until the court makes a decision on her financial obligations to me.

I basically need to know what forms I need to file initially.


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