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Served with Custody Modification

by Yessenia

Okay I went through legal aid two years ago where I got granted divorce and full custody for my two children due to their father being abusive to our children and myself. He is now seeing someone which is telling him to try and get some type of custody. He is unsafe and is a heavy drug user. I was told when I got served that I had 29 days to respond however it is now three days until then I have set up my response but cannot take off work until next week and do not want the court to base a decision without my response Indy children's life's are in danger. What happens if I do not respond in time ?

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Response to supplemental petition for modification of child custody/ etc
by: FALDP Staff

We are not attorneys, however, please know that it is never a good idea to ignore a law suit. If you were properly served, and fail to respond he may be able to get an order for default. And what generally happens in that case is he would be granted everything he requested. Also, the time period in which to file an answer is generally 20 days NOT 29. Even if your answer isn't perfect, it is a good idea to file some sort of an answer. Please review the rules for pro se litigants at

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