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Simplified Divorce Questions

by Suzanne L
(Fernandina Beach, FL)

I am trying to file form 12.901(a), Simplified Divorce. My soon to be ex-husband lives in the Tampa area and I am in Nassau County. The form states we BOTH must go to the court and SIGN the form as well as appear. I understand that final appearance is mandatory, but can he take the form to a notary public in his area and send it back to me to file at the Nassau County Court? The forms state "Notary Public or Deputy Clerk" however, the instructions state as mentioned above. I prefer he only has to make one trip to Nassau County. Thank you!

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Simplified Divorce
by: Suzanne

The two page document does NOT have to signed in front of a clerk. However it must be notarized. If every document/petition filed with the courts had to be signed in front of a clerk our legal system wouldn't function. If you look at the form it states "Court clerk or Notary". However, appearance at the divorce hearing IS mandatory.

Simplified Divorce
by: Suzanne

I spoke with the court and was informed neither party is required to sign at the courthouse, however the signatures MUST be notarized.
The only REQUIRED appearance is at the hearing itself!

Thanks for your help!!

Owner, South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, LLC
by: Deana Snyder

Hello Suzanne,

Thank you for your post on our website. You speak of filing a simple divorce under Form 12.901(a)which is for a simple dissolution of marriage with no dependent or children or property; however, if you cannot both be present to sign the Petition, then I would suggest you file Form 12.901(b)(3) for no dependent or minor children or property which can be filed electronically.

Please let me know if you have any further questions? Thank you.


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