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Stepparent adult adoption

by Jd
(Okaloosa county, Florida)

I'm am 29 years old and I am currently trying to help my stepdad with the paperwork for him to adopt me. He has been the only father I've known and my mother passed away 2 years ago. We have all of the needed documents as well as the consent forms from myself and my spouse. The only thing hindering this is my biological father will not respond to signing over his parental rights. What can I do at this point ?

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Parent's consent to adult adoption
by: Ruth Tick

Your biological father needs to be sent formal notice of the adoption, but does not need to consent. Have him served with the paperwork by a sheriff or private process server and file the Notice of Service with the court.

The instructions for the Florida Supreme Court Form for Adult Stepparent Adoption Form 12.981(c)(1) list the following two forms as required consent forms. The instructions do not include a consent form from a biological parent. You are an adult, therefore you do not need your father's consent.

Stepparent Adoption: Consent of Adoptee;
Stepparent Adoption: Consent of Adult Adoptee

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Ruth Tick

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