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by Samantha

My son is 5 months and his dad has not seen him or anything. We broke up right before I found out I was pregnant, and he was already dating someone else. They are not engaged and getting married. I haven't spoken to my son's father in months. It was confirmed with DNA through the state that he is the father. When going to court for child support in the state of Florida, will they establish visitation? Or will court for visitation have to be separate?

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Child Support/ Visitation
by: Ruth Tick

In Florida child support and child visitation are two separate issues and processes. To establish child support contact the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Division (DOR) and they will help you initiate child support. This is an administrative proceeding. The Magistrate or Hearing Master does not have authority to rule on child visitation or custody -- only child support.

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Ruth Tick

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