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Alexis Aid Inc.

Let a corporation help you with your legal Document.

My name is Sophia Alexis Our office is in North Miami Florida I Possess exceptional written and verbal communication skills with 6 years of experience preparing legal documents. ALEXIS AID INC officially became a Corporation organized under the laws of the state of Florida since May 5, 2017.

We are a Legal Document Preparation and litigation expert office we have intensive resources preparing immigration, divorce, bankruptcy, and many other processing. I learned and worked hands-on in the immigration legal documents processing.

If you wish to represent yourself in any matter, call me for assistance.

I do not provide legal advice. I am not offering counsel / representation

I can help with paperwork, Family Law forms, Divorce. Seal or Expunge Criminal Records.

Need to file for divorce?
I can help with the preparation of legal documents to be filed at the Broward county clerk of court." We provide full service: preparation of your forms/ We submit your divorce forms and the court fees, you do not need to go to the Courthouse. However, in the last court hearing you must appear in person. We will prepare you for your final hearing. Translation services available

I can also assist with the Access Florida Assistance Program and Reemployment Assistance applications.

Nou Parle Creole.

Business Hours:

13760 NE 11th AVENUE 

Contact:(305) 741-8456

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