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We provide assistance for all your Family Court needs, including: Adoption, Affidavits, Answer to Summons, Child Support, Divorce, Final Judgment Modifications, Name Change, Parenting Plans, Paternity Establishment, Paternity Disestablishment etc. We also assist with Last Will & Testament, Living Trust, Premarital Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Quit Claim Deeds, Enhanced Life Estates, Incorporation, Expungement, and much more. We have served Volusia, Orange, and Lake County, Florida since 1992. All other Florida counties are served online. WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS, and provide Mobile Notary Services. Planning a wedding? We can provide a Wedding Officiate. Most services provided are completed with the use of Legal Software developed in-house.

Family Law


Notary Services

We also have a software support service for legal document preparers. We provide legal software services for Family Law as well as others legal document preparation services. Since the software directs input, and document(s) to be merged, as well as doing any required calculations, extensive legal expertise is not required.

It is perfect for those lacking experience in this business. For those with enough experience, it provides relief when workloads are too heavy to generate legal documents manually.

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