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This page is offered as another resource for Florida pro se litigants to begin a search for legal information. Answers on this site are meant to be general information -- not legal advice. Please use the information as a starting point for further research. And contact an attorney if you need legal advice.


Florida family adoption is usually allowed for relatives within three steps of blood relation. For example, one step of blood relation is a direct relative such as a sibling; two steps is a grandparent; and three steps is a great grandparent. In general, family adoptions do not require the adoptive parent to provide a background check or MAPP Course (Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting). 

Pro Se Rights

Access to the legal system is a key issue. Without reasonable access to the courts and legal system, citizens have no rights. The Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers empowers the people. We strive to educate consumers, and by educating, assist all consumers in demanding their rights.


Florida divorce is more properly called dissolution of marriage. Florida is an equitable distribution state. Equitable means fair, it does not necessarily mean equal. Florida is also a no fault divorce state, which means that there are no grounds for divorce other than the "bonds of marriage are irretrievably broken". Divorcing parents are required to take the Parenting Course.

Child Support

Florida child support is per statute. It is not a magic formula decided by the judge or magistrate. Both parents' incomes are considered when calculating child support.

Child Visitation and Custody

In all aspects of child visitation and child custody, the best interests of the children are the main concern. 

Disestablishment of Paternity

Florida also allows a petition to disestablish paternity, even if the father's name is on the birth certificate, but the child is not his. The process is very specific and is only available in certain circumstances.

Indigent Status

For Florida pro se litigants who are low income, tax supported, on social security, on unemployment compensation, an Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status is available, where they can have filing and court fees waived.

Probate and Estates

In Florida, a Summary Administration of Estate is available to settle an estate where the estate is valued at less than $75,000. Living Trusts are an alternative to anyone who wants to avoid probate altogether.

Landlord Tenant

Questions and answers in this section include information about  landlord/ tenant issues.

Probation and Criminal

Probationers can request an early termination of probation if certain criteria have been met. Restoration of Civil Rights is available for offenders, including felons. And under certain criteria a criminal record may be sealed or expunged.

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