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Custom Course Bundle

Build a Custom Course Bundle. You can build your own course bundle, choose any number of courses for your custom bundle (at least two) and you'll receive a 20% discount. Oh the possibilities! Because of the number of possible combinations [220 possible Custom Course Bundles!] we can't post the discounted price for each bundle here. So choose your courses, and we'll send you back an invoice for your Custom Course Bundle. 

220 Possible Course Combinations

Question: What has 220 possible combinations, comes with a 20% discount, and can increase your income while helping others?

Answer: An FALDP Custom Course Bundle.

Choose any number of courses (more than two); add up the tuition costs, then deduct 20%. 

Full course descriptions, stand alone course registration, and course outlines are available on the Online Courses page.



Custom Course Bundle

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