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As a document preparer, refrain from referring to yourself as a paralegal or legal assistant. Be careful in your ad wording, remember we are prohibited from choosing forms for our customers. We can, however, provide them with the information they need to choose their forms themselves. We may not provide legal advice, but we can provide legal information. Advice often comes with the word "should" at the beginning. "You should do this or should do that".

The following phrases could trigger a UPL investigation by the Florida Bar:

  • Free consultation
  • No attorney necessary
  • Certified paralegal, or JD, or Certified Legal Assistant or Degree in Legal Studies
  • Our services are a substitute for an attorney

Use common sense regarding internet privacy. If you work from home, you probably do not want to post your home address online.  When a consumer contacts you as a result of your advertising, find out where they found your ad. Keep score. You not only want to know on which site they found your ad, but also which headline. 

How to Write a Compelling Ad

Fundamental to any business is to find a need and fill it. You know in your heart that consumers need your services, but how to get the message out? According to there are simple steps to get you started:

  • What is the problem?
  • Is there a solution to the problem?
  • What product will provide the solution?
  • Why does this product provide the best solution?
  • How will this product benefit the consumer?
  • How will the consumer take action to purchase this product?

The consumer's problem is very likely that he doesn't know where to find forms or how to fill them out; or a consumer can't afford an attorney, so he is proceeding pro se. You have the solutions and the products to solve these problems.

Writing Your Ad

The headline for your classified ad is designed to grab a consumer's attention so that he will read your entire ad. Simple headlines formed as a question can be extremely effective -- Got milk? Or your headline makes a claim or promise. [We can save you money.] Always write your headline first, then write the body copy. Your body copy supports the claim, promise, or answers the question posed in your headline. The contact information is accompanied by a call to action. You want your ad reader to do something. You want the reader to call, click, or email -- preferably today.

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