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One of our guest speakers at the Sixth Annual FALDP Conference came to share her story with us. Despite her best and diligent efforts, this pro se litigant, was thwarted at every turn and felt that a courtroom was the lion's den. Please scroll down and  watch the video until the end, then fill out the survey below.

A Pro Se Story

Chere' is a High School Algebra teacher who recently encountered challenges in the Judicial system. Although Chere' has no legal education, she was forced to represent herself pro se.  She tried to obtain an injunction for stalking against a former boyfriend.  Even though this would seem to be a fairly simple case, it turned into a nightmare for her and a four month battle that led nowhere.  A teacher's salary alone has not given Chere' the means to hire an attorney. She fears for her life, job and family every day.

Chere' has experience in child advocacy cases. In the past she helped victims and family members of victims while they were seeking help to protect their children from harm. She created a non-profit organization P.E.E.P.S (People Encouraging and Empowering People's Success) in hopes to help single parents or individuals struggling to better their lives.  

Chere' fears for her life continually and now feels that she is a victim of the system.  If she had committed a crime she would be provided a public defender, but as a victim she can find no help or assistance at all. She feels that she is being victimized over and over again.

Laughs, Tears & Cheers

Chere' was kind enough to share her story with FALDP members at our Sixth Annual Conference. Her story is truly compelling. We laughed, we cried, and we applauded this woman's tenacity and courage. Please get comfortable, click on full screen, and watch the video to the end.

Send Us Your Pro Se Story

No one can fix the problem until the problem is clearly identified. As legal document preparers, we know how difficult it is for pro se litigants to access the court system. We see it everyday, we hear the stories all the time, we are asking pro se litigants to speak out. Find your voice and tell us your story. We are working hard to put your stories in front of entities and individuals who can help us make the changes that need to be made. You can also help us by telling your story and filling out the survey form below. 

Pro Se Survey - Legal Access II

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
over 65.
Sent to me by a friend.
Sent to me by a legal document preparer.
Found it online.
I have in the past
I plan to
Did not graduate high school.
High school graduate.
Some college.
College graduate.
Advanced Degree.
Child custody/visitation.
Civil complaint.
Small claims.
Yes, I am the Petitioner/ Plaintiff.
No, I am the Respondent/ Defendant.
Ask friends or family how to proceed.
Research online.
Visit the law library.
Consult with an attorney.
Ask at the pro se Help Desk at the courthouse.
Call or visit a legal aid center.
Call the Florida Bar referral line.
Ask a clerk of court.
Spoke with a minister or other religious leader.
Took a class.
Went to a seminar.
Talking with family or friends.
Educating myself online.
Research at the law library.
Consulting with an attorney.
Asking at the pro se Help Desk.
A legal aid center.
Advice from a minister or religious leader.
Understanding legal information about my issues.
Understanding procedures and rules.
Finding legal information.
Finding someone to answer a question about procedure.
Understanding legal jargon.
Having the judge take me seriously.
Having the opposing attorney take me seriously.
Yes, but the attorney withdrew.
Yes, but I terminated his or her services.
No, I decided to proceed pro se from the beginning.
No, I have no choice, I cannot afford an attorney.
1. Great - I won my case.
2. Good - almost finished and I think things are going my way.
3. Not sure - its too soon to tell what the outcome might be.
4. Difficult - problems at every turn.
5. A nightmare - I should never have attempted self-representation.
I have in the past.
I will in the future.

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