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Family Law Course Bundle II

Our Family Law Course Bundle includes two online courses and three ebooks created to teach Florida legal document preparers how to assist pro se litigants pursue their family law rights. Document preparers may not offer legal advice or provide representation, however with accurate family law information, and professionally prepared documents, consumers have the tools to pursue their legal goals.

Consumers request assistance with Florida family legal documents more often than any other type of document preparation assistance request. Around 50% of all family law litigants throughout Florida are pro se. Many consumers cannot begin to afford an attorney. Our document preparation services are vital in empowering pro se litigants.

Courses in this Bundle:

  • Preparing Florida Divorce Documents - 3 CEUs
  • Parental Responsibility - Modifications and Parenting Plans - 4 CEUs
  • Document Preparation for Florida Family Adoptions - 4 CEUs
  • Introduction to Preparing Florida Legal Documents - 2 CEUs

Courses include necessary forms; and detailed information explaining how to complete the forms. There is also additional information so that document preparers can better understand the issues that litigants may face during a divorce or modification.

E-Books in this Bundle:

  • Florida Family Adoptions
  • Child Support Answer Book
  • Modifying Florida Child Support


Family Law Course Bundle II

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Course Outlines

Parental Responsibility and Parenting Plans

Who Needs a Parenting Plan

  • Divorcing Parents
  • Unwed parents who are separating
  • Filers of Supplemental Petition for Modification of Parental Responsibility
  • Filers of Petition to Relocate with Minor Children

Purpose of Parenting Plans

  • Define details that may not have been considered
  • Create an overall guideline for parents to follow
  • Best interests of the children

Types of Parenting Plans

  • Regular Parenting Plan
  • Long Distance/ Relocation Parenting Plan
  • Safety Focused/ Supervised Visitation Parenting Plan


  • Florida Statute 61.13001 - Relocation/ 50 mile radius
  • Shared Parental Responsibility
  • Substantial Change


  • Supplemental Petition to Modify
  • Petition to Relocate
  • Three Parenting Plans

Additional Information

  • Case law - Wade v Hirschman
  • Substantial Change
  • How to Make a PDF Fillable

Preparing Florida Divorce Documents

Students will learn and understand the different divorce processes in Florida. Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage; Petition to Determine Paternity and Related Relief; and Answers are discussed and explained. Supreme Court approved forms are included in this course.

Module I *** Dissolution of Marriage - Initial Petitions *** Overview of Florida Dissolution of Marriage -

Four Types of Dissolution of Marriage (DOM):

  • Simplified
  • with no Minor Child(ren) and No Property
  • with Minor Child(ren)
  • with Property but No Child(ren)
  • Petition to Determine Paternity and Other Relief - is included in this section because it is similar to a Petition for Dissolution, but it is used for couples who are ending their relationship; who have children together; but were never married.
  • Florida Residency Requirements

Module II ***Working With The Forms ***

  • Avoid Giving Legal Advice
  • Gathering the Information
  • Choosing the Forms (Your customer chooses)
  • Dissolution of Marriage with Children and Instructions

Module III *** Procedural ***

  • Service of Process
  • Personal Service
  • Process Server Memorandum
  • Summons for Personal Service on an Individual
  • Constructive Service
  • Diligent Search and Inquiry
  • Notice of Action

Module IV Answers & Hearings

  • Answer and Waiver of Appearance
  • Answer and Counter Petition
  • The Final Hearing
  • Motion for Hearing/ Notice of Hearing
  • Final Order for Dissolution of Marriage

Module V Form Descriptions and Glossary

  • Quizzes
  • Forms Required in all Dissolutions of Marriage
  • Forms Required in Dissolutions with Children
  • Forms that may be required in some circumstances
  • Terms used in family law

Preparing Documents for Florida Family Adoptions

I. Introduction:

  • A. Family Adoption
  • B. Chapter 63
  • C. Overview

II. General Information:

  • A. Blood Relation
  • B. Different from arm's length adoption
  • C. Consent
  • D. Putative Father Registry

III. Stepparent Adoption

  • A. Only adoption forms included in Florida Supreme Court approved forms
  • B. One consent is required
  • C. Termination of Parental Rights of Biological Parent

IV. Relative Adoptions

  • A. There are no Supreme Court approved forms
  • B. A consent from each parent may be required
  • C. Termination of Parental Rights of Biological Parents

V. Gay Adoptions

  • A. No longer prohibited per statute
  • B. Gay marriage means a gay married couple may do a stepparent adoption
  • C. How gay adoptions used to be done

VI. Once the Adoption is Final

  • A. Adoption Records are Sealed
  1. 10 day window
  2. Certified copies of order
  • B. Permanency
  1. New birth certificate issued
  2. If adoptive parents divorce - child support is ordered Adoption Records are Sealed

VII. Temporary Custody by an Extended Family Member

  • A. Compare/ contrast to adoption
  • B. Not necessary for all to be in agreement
  • C. Petition to Dissolve
  • D. Duration

VIII. Appendix

  • A. Forms
  1. adoption
  2. temporary custody
  • B. Vocabulary
  • C. Adoption Statutes
  • D. Temporary Custody Statutes

Introduction to Preparing Florida Legal Documents

I. Reason for the Course - Introduction

II. Choosing a Business Name

        You are NOT a paralegal

III. Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

IV. Focus Areas

V. Avoiding UPL

VI. Culture and Philosophy of LDPs

VII. Access to the Legal System

VIII. Unbridled Pursuit of Liberty

       Self Test


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