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South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, LLC  

Did you know that the only persons with access to legal representation by an attorney are corporations, organizations and the wealthy? No wonder that it has been shown that a very high percentage of people in court are unrepresented. For every person who is unrepresented in court, there are probably tens of thousands who didn't have any legal advice when they did the things that landed them in hot water in the first place. Further, who can afford $200 to $300 an hour to pay an attorney when you do not need legal advice, but rather, merely assistance in getting the appropriate documents filed with the Court.

 Well the good news is that so many issues which happen every day to good people do not necessarily need legal advice, but just need help in preparing the appropriate documents to resolve their issue.

 With over 20 years paralegal experience supporting attorneys working in both small and large law firms in various areas of law, it was soon realized that our justice system needs to be made available to everyone.

 South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, LLC is focused on providing legal document preparation services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

 Here at South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, LLC, we assist the Pro se' individual(s) with legal document preparation within a wide array of areas:

 • Eviction and Landlord/Tenant Matters

• Divorce, Modifications, Motions, Financial Affidavits, Parenting Plan

• Name Change for Adults and Minor Children with Consents                                                   

• Small Claims                                                        

• Family Adoption

• Paternity

• Summary Administration of Estate

• Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration

• Living Trusts & Estate Planning Documents

• Simple Will; Last Will and Testament; Living Will; Power of Attorney; and Healthcare Surrogate Designation; and Advance Directive

• Small Business Formations/Limited Liability Company

• Domestic Violence

• Real Property Transfer by way of Quit Claim Deed, Special Warranty Deed, or Living Trust

• Post-Conviction for Criminal: Early Termination of Probation or Modification of Probation; Sealing of Criminal Record; and Expunging of Criminal Record

• Foreclosure Assistance

• E-filing Assistance

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