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The FALDP Docket -- Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers Monthly Newsletter
December 03, 2013

Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers

The FALDP Docket

Special Issue
December 2013

Members and Friends

This Special Issue of our monthly newsletter is to let FALDP members, legal document preparers, and friends, know about our once a year Buy One Get One Online Course Special.

Buy One Get One

December 2 through December 16

Pay full price for any course and choose a second course of equal or lesser value for free. After registration simply send us an email to with"My Free Course" in the subject line to let us know which course you want for free.

We are proud to offer a growing curriculum of courses to help document preparers help consumers. Our online document preparation courses are entirely self-paced. We offer these discounted courses to thank our members and friends for continued support throughout the year.

Online Course Registration

We Now Offer Eight Courses to Choose From

New Class - Debt Defense

The instructional design for our newest course offering - Debt Defense - is complete. It includes information and form samples for answering a civil law suit for payment of a debt. Also included is a download of our ebook - "You've Been Sued!" Tuition is $175.

Post Conviction Document Preparation

Post-Conviction Document Preparation includes information and forms about Early Termination of Probation; Expunge & Seal of Criminal Records; Restoration of Civil Rights; and Reputation Repair & Management. We have included official forms from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE); and The Office of Executive Clemency. There is an exam link at the end of the course.Tuition is $199.

Introduction to Florida Legal Document Preparation

This course is mandatory for document preparers who are new to the industry. Even if you already have the experience needed for membership, you may benefit from this course if you're relocating to Florida from another state; or if your experience is primarily working for attorneys. Working for pro se litigants is a different world.This course explains business basics - including business structure, choosing a name, and deciding on your business model. This course also includes information about compliance and avoiding UPL.There is no test, but there are assignments that must be completed. Tuition is $99.

Immigration - Sponsoring a Foreign Spouse

There are many ways to immigrate to the U.S., however the most common and the simplest is when a U.S. citizen sponsors a spouse. The same rules outlined in this course apply to other close relatives, as defined by USCIS. A close relative is a spouse, brother, sister, mother, child, etc; but not a cousin. And of those close relatives, by far the simplest and most straight forward of immigration processes is sponsorship of a foreign spouse by a U.S. citizen.Tuition is $249.

Becoming a Successful Landlord

Our "Becoming a Successful Landlord" is packed with information, links, and Supreme Court approved landlord/ tenant forms. The same forms we sell on this site for $9.99 are included in this course as free downloads. Also includes our FALDP Report - How to Make PDFs Fillable.

  • Setting Goals Property Types – What works best for you?
  • Choosing a Property. - A good choice makes all the difference.
  • Rights & Responsibilities – Working together works best.
  • Financial Considerations – Affordability and accountability. Laws and regulations.
  • Personalities – The Golden Rule.
  • Dealing With Disputes – Learn how to resolve disputes before they become disasters.
  • Evictions – Specific steps Conclusion – Link to the test; important forms and information.

  • This course is geared both towards landlords and the document preparers who help them. Savvy tenants can also benefit from taking this course.Tuition is $199.

    Preparing Florida Divorce Documents

    Preparing Florida Divorce Documents is a nuts and bolts course based on the Florida Supreme Court approved forms for pro se litigants. Also includes our FALDP Report - How to Make PDFs Fillable. Each of the different dissolution processes is discussed; information about the Petition for Paternity and Related Relief is included. Forms are included in this course.

    The tuition for this course - $220.00 - is the amount we charge consumers for preparing divorce documents. Document preparers can recoup their investment with one document preparation package. Learning a new skill is an investment in yourself.

    Students must complete five study modules and quizzes. Upon successful completion, students receive a Course Completion Certificate; and a set of Divorce Document Questionnaires. The value of the questionnaires becomes clear once you start preparing divorce documents. This course (and all of our courses) is entirely online and self-paced. Tuition is $220.

    Living Trusts & Estate Planning Document Preparation

    Like our other courses, Living Trusts & Estate Planning Document Preparation is completely online and self-paced. For FALDP members who intend to partner with FALDP in our FALDP Living Trust and Estate Planning System -- completing this course is required. For everyone else - consumers and document preparers alike - it contains fundamental information about Revocable Living Trusts and estate planning. Tuition is $99.

    Bankruptcy Basics - Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy Basics - Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy shows consumers or shows document preparers how to help consumers start over with a clean financial slate. This foundation course introduces learners to:

  • Bankruptcy terminology;
  • Types of Bankruptcy
  • Eligibility
  • Florida exemptions; Means Test;
  • And Do's and Don'ts For Bankruptcy Petitioner Preparers

  • Like our other online courses, "Bankruptcy Basics - Chapter 7" is completely self-paced. Bankruptcy forms are not included in this course. The time needed to complete the course varies according to individual learning styles.Tuition is $149.

    Please note - if you have a course credit, you may use it at anytime, but may not combine your credit with this offer.

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