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The FALDP Docket -- Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers Monthly Newsletter
August 16, 2011

Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers

The FALDP Docket

Volume 2; Issue 8
August, 2011


You may have noticed new pages on our site. We have a “Member's Corner” page with announcements,events and information. We're updating the Member's Corner frequently, so please check it every so often. Another new page is the “Document Preparers Service” where we are actively advertising our member's document preparation services. Work will be referred to Premium Members first. If we cannot match the document preparation request to a Premium Member, we will refer to a Basic Member. Yet another new page is the “Family Law Issues” page. On this page we have a few family law questions and answers, and links to members' sites who prepare family law documents. More requests for work are coming in everyday, please make sure your information is up to date. We need to know your focus areas, and whether you work face to face or over the phone/ internet.


WHEN: All day Saturday, September 24 – 10-5 WHERE: Hampton Inn, 881 Venetia Bay Blvd., Venice, Florida 34292 PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS

Admission for the all day event is only $75. for Basic members; and will automatically upgrade Basic Membership to Premium Membership;


$50. Per Premium Member;

All Members are invited to bring along a guest at no extra charge.


$100. Non-members; Includes one year Basic Membership


Conference Details

Conference Itinerary:
9:30 – Meet and Greet
10:00 – Guest Speaker - “Citizens Right to Access the Legal System”
11:00 – Discussion
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – Speaker - “Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)”
2:00 –Discussion and Brainstorming Session
3:00 – Marketing Stories
4:00 – Prizes and Giveaways

Webinar on July 30 - UPL Summit

The webinar on July 30 which focused on UPL laws was amazing. One of the guests was a founder of ALDAP, Arizona Legal Document Association. He explained to us the story of UPL in Arizona, and how their regulation began. Unfortunately, our friend Della Tarpinian was not able to make it. We plan to have UPL webinars every three months to keep in touch with our counterparts in other states, and to compare notes on the progress of UPL reform efforts. The UPL webinars are presented at no charge to members. Other webinars will be at our regular rate:

Enrollment in our Webinars is free for Premium Members; and only $10. each for Basic Members. To participate in any of our Webinars, you must be an FALDP member.


FALDP has developed two new books which are already available on our site. “Family Adoptions, Second Edition” is an updated version of the original, with new author's comments, new cover art, and a new section about second parent adoption. It is available as an instant download or a softcover printed version. “Fundamentals of Florida Legal Document Preparation” is a brand new publication that focuses on the basics, available as an instant download for only $14.99.

We offer a 50% rebate to members for all FALDP book purchases, whether for personal use as a reference or for re-sale to a customer. This policy will be changing soon, so if you are interested in purchasing any of the ebooks, please do so while the rebate program is in effect.

Online Courses -- Coming Soon

An Introductory course for preparing family law documents in Florida, along with an online course to learn the ins and outs of preparing documents for Florida divorces are nearly ready for release.

These courses are designed for document preparers who are either new to the industry; or for document preparers who want to expand to other focus areas.

We are working on the instructional design for all of the family law courses. There will be a total of six courses available, beginning with these two.

We have begun a waiting list for these courses which are set to launch mid-September. They are geared toward legal document preparers who are new to the industry or new to Florida; or legal document preparers who want to expand their knowledge base. For LDP's new to the industry, or new to Florida, the Intro course is a requirement and a prerequisite for enrollment in the Dissolution of Marriage course. If you are interested in adding your name to the waiting list, please contact us at .

Sign our Online Petition

Florida citizens and consumers -- assert your right to legal access. We support every citizens' right to access your court system. As legal document preparers, we are here to help. Please sign your name to this petition, and let your voice be heard.


Mike Wappler – Florida Nonlawyers, Inc.

Mike Wappler has been with us since the beginning, a charter member of FALDP. His Member Directory listing on our site displays the following:

“We are a group of legal document preparers, formerly called Paralegals, specializing in Family Law, Administrative Law, and Small Claims. We also do formal letters, defense work, investigation and research to meet the needs of clients in the Brevard County area. We have an office for face to face meetings and also do internet, electronic services. We come to your home, office, workplace, nursing home, hospital or other location of your choosing. Weekend appointments on Saturday and Sunday are available.

We also serve attorneys on short and long term projects, electronic research through Lexis, and much more.” After talking to Mike for a short time, you will soon discover that his work encompasses even more than his listing states. He and his associates, also take on background investigations; asset searches; bankruptcies (nationwide); garnishment; corporate filings and will act as registered agents for corporations or LLC's. His company handles the routine family law document preparation using the Florida Supreme Court approved forms. And on the criminal side, he assists customers with expunging or sealing their records; or early termination of probation.

Mike says his first interest in the law and the legal system began when he was a kid, and experienced police harassment. He and his friends were frequently stopped by officers for no apparent reason, and questioned about where they were going and what they were doing.

As advice to document preparers new to the industry, Mike stresses that LDP's need to make sure their customers are treated right. Be fair and do your job properly. This will help you build your business, and help promote the industry in general. Mike cautions legal consumers to be wary of scam artists, that the $79. price for a bankruptcy may well be a bait and switch tactic.

Mike's site is currently being revamped, so no link here. But, you can call him – 321-458-1814. He's always willing to help.

This Member Spotlight section has been added as a regular feature of our newsletter.

Traffic on Our Site

Yesterday we passed another benchmark. Our site had over 200 unique hits in one day. This is due to a combination of new pages added, your member listings, and a recent press release. We appreciate the links from your sites, they help us grow traffic also.

Some Things you Might not Know About FALDP

Premium Members can have their listing in three adjacent counties in the Member Directory. The counties do not need to be in the same judicial circuit, but must border the member's home county.

We are in our second year of operation. Our year begins and ends on June 1.

Members receive 50% rebates on purchase of FALDP ebooks and forms.

Our Second Annual Conference is set for September 24 – last year's was a huge success.

Two of the main reasons we formed FALDP were to promote professionalism; and to bring credibility to our industry.

We welcome your ideas, articles, and support. If you submit an article we will post it and link it to your site.

There is no charge to be the subject of “Member Spotlight” in this newsletter, the FALDP Docket. Members are picked more or less at random. We'll include everyone eventually.

FALDP Contact Information:
Main number – (941) 237-0951
Email –
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