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The FALDP Docket -- Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers Monthly Newsletter
June 14, 2011

Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers

The FALDP Docket

Volume 2; Issue 7
July, 2011


Our year begins and ends on June 1. Please renew your membership if you have not already done so. Our membership fees have not changed – $65 for Premium Membership; and $40 for Basic Membership. The deadline for renewal was June 30.

Grow your business with us.


WHEN: All day Saturday, September 24 – 10-5 WHERE: Hampton Inn, 881 Venetia Bay Blvd., Venice, Florida 34292 PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS

Admission for the all day event is only $75. for Basic members; and will automatically upgrade you to Premium Membership;

OR $50. Per Premium Member; All Members are invited to bring along a guest at no extra charge.

OR $100. Non-members; Includes one year Basic Membership


We are planning more educational events and opportunities. Online Courses - Introduction to Florida Legal Document Preparation and Preparation of Dissolution of Marriage Documents; are two separate online courses, and both are nearly ready to launch. We'll keep you informed.

More new releases in our Self-Help Guide Series are coming soon. As the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers gains a foothold in Florida, as we grow, our individual and collective credibility as legal document preparers also grows.


We introduced our time and labor saving family law software series at the last webinar. The first portion of the software series is for preparation of the documents for dissolution of marriage. The software reduces the time needed to prepare these form packets -- tremendously.

Without the software it takes an hour or more to prepare the forms for a dissolution of marriage with no children and no property document package. Preparation of those forms using the software takes about ten minutes.

The software is simple to use, and is based on the same Supreme Court approved forms you've been using all along. As a legal document preparer (LDP) interviews a customer, blanks in a questionnaire are filled in.

Once the LDP collects all the information, he simply exports the data to a file, then imports the data to the forms package. Voila! All of the fields in all of the forms are filled instantly.

This software is available only to members of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers. Yet another edge over your competition.

The introductory price for all three software sets for dissolution of marriage...

• no children no property;
• with children; and
• with property now offered at our introductory price of only $149.

BUY NOW • The FALDP DOM Software Package. Don't delay, we're not sure how long this introductory price will last.


Advance registration is required, bandwidth is limited.

• No Charge for Premium Members
• Basic Members - $10.00*

Advance registration will be available on our site. Emails will be sent with your login information.


July 30 – UPL Summit - A look at UPL laws in Florida, and across the country. Guests from other states -- Kentucky, Arizona and California -- are invited to share stories and insights.

11:00 a.m. EST Saturday, July 30.

Enrollment in our Webinars is free for Premium Members; and only $10. each for Basic Members. To participate in any of our Webinars, you must be an FALDP member.


Debra Romano

Ms. Romano is a busy and versatile member of our association. Besides preparing legal documents, such as dissolution of marriage petitions for pro se litigants, she also officiates at weddings, is a signing agent for real estate closings and transfers, and is an accountant. She told me that she got started as a legal document preparer when she decided to expand her business. She began her career as a notary and accountant, and added on legal document preparation to balance out her services.

I asked Ms. Romano what is the one thing she would like consumers to know about the court system. She told me that she would like people to be reassured that even though the process seems overwhelming, it is possible to work through. Even though she is prohibited from accompanying her customers to court, she tries to make sure they know she is available to answer questions about procedure and offer moral support.

A favorite part of her business, as a notary, is officiating at weddings. Ms. Romano offers an elopement ceremony for just $30. where a couple can come to her office and be married under the arch. She said that weddings are wonderful because they are so joyous, and it is great fun to see the different types of ceremonies and settings people choose.

In closing, I asked Ms. Romano if there was anything she would like to add. She graciously let me know that she appreciates being a part of this association, and told me that its nice to have colleagues.

Speaking for FALDP, I am happy to have Ms. Romano in our association.

Visit the Debra Romano's site at Mobile Notary Orlando

This Member Spotlight section has been added as a regular feature of our newsletter.



Legal Document Preparers who prepare Florida family law forms struggle with the official PDF forms published by the Florida Supreme Court on Even some of the newer forms, just posted this past December, are lacking.

Some of the fill-able forms fill incorrectly, with different point sizes or fonts. Other PDF forms don't fill at all, with a promise that they will become fill-able in the future.

FALDP is working on it. We are in the process of making the forms fill-able, and while we're at it, improving the formatting. No worries, none of the language has been touched. These forms are suitable for legal document preparers to use for their customers, or for consumers to use for themselves.

Have a look at our Interactive Family Law Forms page. All of our products are half price to members.

This includes all of the ebooks, and all of the forms. When you order, send us an email with your paypal order number so that we can send you back a 50% rebate.


1. Premium Members can have their listing in three adjacent counties in the Member Directory. The counties do not need to be in the same judicial circuit, but must border the member's home county.

2. We are in our second year of operation. Our year begins and ends on June 1.

3. Members receive 50% rebates on purchase of FALDP ebooks and forms.

4. Our Second Annual Conference is set for September 24 – last year's was a huge success.

5. Two of the main reasons we formed FALDP were to promote professionalism; and to bring credibility to our industry.

6. We welcome your ideas, articles, and support. If you submit an article we will post it and link it to your site.

7. There is no charge to be the subject of “Member Spotlight” in this newsletter, the FALDP Docket. Members are picked more or less at random. We'll get around to everyone eventually.

8. We have had a recent change in webmasters, please bear with us.

FALDP Contact Information:
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