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by Jamie

I am so upset. I got fired a few months back and I can't find a new job. I need to get a source of income to pay my rent so I applied for unemployment and got denied. WHY?????????


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After more than a total of 30yrs.,why now ?
by: Wesley Bower

Employed started in 1980 til 1987. Then rehired in 1988 til Oct 7,2013. After all those of service why in a matter of 2 weeks they they just they found reasons to let go.I guess i had alchol on my breath but was not under the influence or drinking on the job.I requested a blood test and breathalyzer test which i was denied. On Oct.1 we got our first raise in four years which put me over 16.00 dollars.I was the highest paid on the fields that we worked. A year ago they cut my hours from 39 a week to only 20-25 a week to try to make me quit. I turned down a promotion for more money but they wanted me to work even less hours. I even trained the guy who replaced me. All they did was complain about cutting back so the department and supervisors would look good. So why ME?

Unemployment Compensation Appeal
by: Lorna

Dear Jamie,
You are entitled to appeal a denial of unemployment compensation benefits. Here is the link to start the appeals process -

And, here is some information that may help, posted on that site's FAQ:

"Only claimants and employers that have been adversely affected by the agency's determination are entitled to file an appeal. If you are a claimant and received a notice that you were denied benefits, or if you are an employer and have received a determination that a former employee is eligible for benefits or your tax account is affected by the claim, you may file an appeal online. The confirmation number you receive at the end of the process will be your proof of filing.

Other filing methods include writing the appeal on a letter or on the Notice of Appeal form provided in English, Spanish and Creole at which can be found in the Unemployment Compensation Forms Directory. Include the claimant’s name and last four digits of the Social Security Number and a brief statement about why you believe the determination is incorrect. Mail written appeals to:

Office of Appeals - MSC 347
107 E Madison Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-4143

Instead of mailing, you may fax the appeal to (850) 921-3524. We encourage you to file appeals on our secure website because we receive them immediately and your information is safe. We do not accept appeals filed by telephone or e-mail to help protect you against identity theft."

You have 20 days to appeal.

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