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Florida Divorce Shop is your one-stop shop for assistance with most family law related matters. Our virtual 3-step process allows us to quickly complete your Court documents for you after you complete a simple web-based questionnaire.

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Divorce is not easy, especially when children are involved. Whether you are the one filing for the divorce or you were just served with a divorce petition, both parties are left staring in the face of a multitude of new challenges. Besides the emotional struggle, the financial challenge in a divorce is most often overwhelming since most married couples are both financial contributors to the household budget, often living from paycheck to paycheck. Typically one party is left with the marital property that he or she can no longer afford on their own, while the other party is forced to pay relocation expenses and bear their own living expenses without the other parties financial contributions. As if this isn’t enough, each party typically has to pay the Court a filing fee of approximately $300 – $400.00, whether they are filing for the divorce or filing a counter-petition to the divorce petition. At this point of the break-up, most people do not have a couple thousand dollars to spend on on a retainer for an attorney without borrowing money or selling whatever possessions they may still have. Now they don’t have to. Florida Divorce Shop will complete your divorce papers for you without using a lawyer and without the lawyer fee.

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice.

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