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hearing Date

by Chris
(Panama City, FL)

I am trying to find out how a pro see litigant gets a hearing date. I am in Florida. The litigant is in jail until 6 days after a hearing date in a custody suit by grandparents. She can't call so how does she get a hearing date for motions she filed to include a motion for continuance?

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Schedule a Hearing Date Pro Se
by: Staff FALDP

I think you're asking a few different questions. First if the other party set a date your friend cannot attend, because she is in jail, then there should be a mechanism for her to appear telephonically. If there is not a way to do that, then contact the opposing party and let them know that she cannot attend and try to arrange a continuance with the other party's agreement. In addition to the motion for continuance, you may need to file a Notice of Unavailability to let the court know that she cannot appear until after her release date. And third, if DCF is involved, she may be granted an attorney to protect her parental rights. Otherwise, due process didn't occur. I am not an attorney and do not provide legal advice. Please contact an attorney for help with this important matter.

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