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How do I request back support and modify child support going forward to be automatically deducted from my ex’s paycheck.

by Antoinette
(Broward County Florida )

When my ex and I went through our divorce, we agreed to 50/50 timesharing of the kids, which amounted to me only receiving roughly $650 monthly for 3 kids. In lieu of child support, he was paying the mortgage. The problem lies in the fact that he only took the kids 4 times the first year that the final judgement was finalized, and 25 times the second year. We are now in the third year and I am still trying to have this resolved. I originally had a lawyer but things were being held up because we were back and forth or selling the house and trying to do the modification based on allowing me to leave the state with the kids. Now that the house is sold, he has changed his mind and decided that he will no longer allow us to move. Child support for the kids based on actual timesharing numbers is actually more than what he was paying in the mortgage and it was also discovered that there were mortgage payments that were not made. Because my lawyer is non-responsive, I am now trying to figure out the proper forms for me to resolve this issue myself.

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