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by Ruby

We are focused on providing a full service to our customers with the most complete and professional legal document preparation service. We are committed to giving you the highest levels of satisfaction and keep you in control of your legal affairs as a pro se litigant (customer). Our Motto is, “The future depends on what we do in the present” (Mahatma Gandhi).

I am passionate about helping others and therefore embarked into professions that allows me to be all that I can be. I have over 15 years of experience as a nurse, and Twelve years within the legal arena assisting with diverse and complex situations of Juvenile delinquents, Immigration litigations, Land Lord and tenants and Domestic Violence cases. Within my practice as a nurse, the opportunity to assist the injured is there. However, I wanted to do more than assist the injured; I wanted to make a difference and help others to avoid the many situations that led to patient’s hospitalization due to violence and socioeconomic situations that influence our society.

I challenged myself and became the owner and operator for a Group Home for Delinquent Juveniles. I saw children accused and convicted as young as 14 years of age and treated as criminals before they really had a chance of knowing what a good life and home entailed. The need for the hand of guidance that was lacking in our Society, a failure of good family support and proper legal representation prompted me to embark into law. Got certified as a Security Officer and then did Private Investigation and later ventured into Immigration law.

My evolving role, “to help breaking barriers” attributed to me dealing with the Austrian Embassy to ensure the safe return and a bright future for a child brought to the U.S.A illegally be returned to his homeland. Within four weeks, this brilliant teen that came to the U.S.A as a baby, possessing an expired passport and reached his academic peak of achievement with no options to better him-self and no outlook of a prosperous future was granted entrance one way to his homeland. Since then, he has regained status as a German citizen and is currently enrolled in College in Germany. I knew this was not the end of the road in a career for me.

I pursued a education as a Paralegal with and Associate degree and have now become more fulfilled and proud to be a part of the Florida Legal Document Preparer and also be a Notary for the STATE OF FLORIDA. I followed my passion to continue to assist those suffering difficult times, both financially and emotionally, by utilizing my unique combination of education and experience and providing reliable and affordable, Legal Leverage.

Jaisinghs' Legal Document & Notary Service
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