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Johnson Document Preparation, llc

by James A. Johnson


Johnson Document Preparation, llc is familiar with Florida Law and Civil Procedure and can provide assistance with the preparation of documents for self-represented ( Pro Se ) individuals, based upon facts presented to me by the individual litigant(s).
I am not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice; however, I can assist anyone who cannot afford an attorney or who is reluctant to handle a matter themselves, in Court, because they are unfamiliar with the process or are intimidated by it.
I pride myself on exceptional service to Florida residents and am continuously updating myself on current Florida law and Civil Procedure.
My assistance can be provided in person or remotely.
I specialize in Small Claims complaints, Estate ( small ), Debt Claims, and Family Law legal document preparation If I do not have the answer, I’ll find it, in terms of proper legal document preparation.

Email:; CELL: 239-287-6060
Naples, Florida 34113

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