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Palm Beach County Civil Court Small Claims filing a subpoena duces tecum

I am suing a corporation in small claims court in Palm Beach County, Florida, and I believe that I need to file a subpoena duces tecum and am unsure how to go about doing this for my court case. I want to be able to get information for my court hearing concerning the names of some of the employees who worked for the corporation that I am suing and consequently damaged my vehicle in the course of doing so. The problem is that some of these individuals I only know by "first name" and as you know you cannot subpoena someone to testify and have them properly served by the court if you do not even know their full name. I cannot get this information from the company itself as they do not want to assist me in my case against them.

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Discovery Tools
by: Staff

There are other discovery tools at your disposal, although the discovery process in small claims isn't usually necessary. Discovery tools are still available. Our suggestion is that you start with a Request for Interrogatories so that you can find out the full names of the individuals involved, then follow with a subpoena duces tecum, if necessary.

The information we just provided to you is information about procedure. We are not offering you legal advice.

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