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Request emergency visitation from North Carolina to sarasota county with no parenting plan

by Traci
(Charlotte NC)

Hey everyone first I want to say bear with me I do talk-to-text because I have MS and my fingers don't work as well but my daughter who is turning 12 this summer lives with her dad and stepmom in Sarasota Florida I live in North Carolina with my husband and two kids and let her move there 3 years ago when my health took a turn for the worst I did not want her to have to go through seeing me like that well he got married and basically refuses to let me see our daughter and it's been almost a year we used to have a parenting plan which I still have joint custody and Joint visitation and he has just residential custody but now says something of I can't remove her from Sarasota County I just need to know what to file for emergency mediation to try to get her this summer because she there are things going on there that are not healthy so I need to fill out a formpro se to request time sharing in joint custody or even just any type of visitation I have no restrictions are restraining orders to why I can't see her he is just playing the card I have to go through judge to see her since he knows I don't have money for a lawyer and live in another state please help me and my daughter figure out what forms I need to do especially since I'm 9 hours away any help is greatly appreciated and again thank you for working with me by reading this if it doesn't make sense

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