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Responding to a Motion for Contempt

(bartow, fl, usa)

Last night I received a motion for contempt via efile. It is claiming I am in contempt for failure to provide the other parent with my new employment information. I have submitted the income deduction order, received exactly 2 weeks ago today, Feb 1, to my employer. I have updated my employment info with child services. also the other parent has filed a new petition for child support in her county of residence 10 days after she was awarded this child support in my county of residence. I have yet to be served on that and I also will not be receiving this motion for contempt by mail because the other party used my previous address. I provided notice of change of address in our current case the same week that I moved back in November and have also filed it with the new case this past week after finding out through forwarded mail ads from attorneys advising case against me. I am not sure if I can file a motion to quash for improper service, how can I find out what the process is in my county? but I also want to respond and deny the claims and provide the proof I have of my payments etc also I feel she is wasting court time and money just to harass me and bother. if anyone can guide me in the right direction, I'dtruly appreciate it. thank you in advance for your time and assistance it is much appreciated.

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