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Responsibility For Water Line Damage

The water meter for my home in on a neighbor's property. My property is separated from that neighbor's property by a golf cart path. The land the cart path is on is owned by a golf course. The golf course does not maintain the path very well and erosion has caused my water line pipe to appear. In addition to the daily traffic of golf carts, heavy maintenance equipment use the path. I am concerned that the PVC water pipe line will eventually be damaged by the activity on the cart path. The water company has advised me that I am responsible for any repairs to the line between the meter and my house. If there is damage to the pipe, can the golf course be held responsible for the damage and repair?

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Civil Litigation
by: Debra F

First let me say that I am not a lawyer and I cannot give legal advice. However, if you feel that your pipes are being damaged by the heavy equipment from the golf course or the golf course traffic or the combination of both, you always have the right to sue.

Suggestions: Before the damage to your pipes gets worse, get an estimate for repairs. Litigation can be a lengthily process. The damages to your pipes during litigation from your description does not sound like it is going to improve.

Consult an attorney. If you don't know one in your area, go to the Florida Bar Association and locate an attorney in your area.

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