South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services LLC

South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services was created with the purpose of fulfilling the needs of those who choose to represent themselves in a legal matter. There are many times in a person’s lifetime where you may find yourself in a situation and think you could handle it on your own if you just had a little help. Many pro se individuals find that they either cannot afford an attorney, or simply choose for various reasons to go pro se.

Equal justice under law means everyone should be provided access to our legal system no matter of your economic status. You may feel your case is simple. Just know that as a nonlawyer, you are representing yourself. We cannot give legal advice or represent you in court. However, it goes without saying that people are coming out in droves and turning to a Florida Legal Document Preparer to assist in the preparation of their Florida legal forms and documents in uncontested legal matters. The general consumer either simply cannot afford $250-$500 per hour to retain a high-priced attorney, or they simply feel they can go the do-it-yourself route by representing themselves with the assistance of a Florida legal forms specialist.

South Florida Legal has over 25 years legal document preparation experience and is very knowledgeable of the Florida rules and procedures with the court. You never need to leave your home or office to get your legal forms prepared and we will even assist you with filing your documents with the court.

Although our company is based in Broward County, we proudly serve virtually all 67 counties in Florida. Our process starts with an initial call to get to know you and what your needs are, and from there we will email you a customized questionnaire to complete so that we can begin to gather all the information needed to prepare your requested documents and forms.

We are happy to report our turn-around time is very quick and our customers will tell you we are very responsive to their calls and emails.  

Our Specialties include the following:

  • Family Law (Divorce, Family Adoption, Paternity, Name Change, Domestic Violence)
  • Probate (Summary Administration, Ancillary Administration)
  • Estate Planning (Living Trust, Will, Living Will, Health Care Surrogate, Durable Power of Attorney)
  • Civil Law (Small Claims, Some Civil)
  • Real Estate Law (Eviction, Unlawful Detainer, Deeds)
  • Criminal Post Judgment (Early Termination/Modification of Probation, Expungement)
  • Business Law (LLC Formation, Operating Agreement)
  • Paralegal Work for Attorneys Only on a Contractual Basis


Serving All of Florida Virtually

PH: (954) 532-5476

Email: soflalegaldocprep@gmail.com

Please contact us today for a professional Florida legal document preparer! If you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer directly.

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