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statute about wills

by Jackie
(Cape Coral, FL Lee County)

Hello, where can I find the statutes about Wills? My friend's partner of 20 years past away last year. They were not legally married; however, they purchased 2 real estate properties in FL. They are both owners. He left a Will stating that in the event of his death his partner is to keep 100% of what they own together. Nonetheless, his 54 year old daughter is suing his partner because she considers herself his inheritor. I was reading on your sight that Wills should be accompanied by an affidavit.


*Is the will not valid due to the missing affidavit?

* If the partnership for the real estate properties is Joint Tenancy with rights of survivor-ship; does the daughter have any rights as an inheritor?

Any guidance you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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