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Sue DCF for Libel

by T.J.
(Florida, U.S.)

pro se
DCF put false information about me in more than one report (said I had a brain disease and had several felony arrests) which is libel and committed perjury and slander in a hearing. I want to sue them in federal court. Also a member of the Guardian Ad Litems office read my medical files aloud violating my HIPPA rights. I have asked attorneys about this but as soon as I say DCF they reject me.

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Don't give up, my friend!
by: Anonymous

If more people stand up for what is right and don't back down because it "takes too long" (I know it's frustrating) but we are fighting for our rights and our families! No amount of money can replace that! Don't give up!

The DCF and Employees Enjoy Immunity
by: Michael - Legal Eagle Paralegal Nonlawyers

DCF is protected by a good faith exception, a qualified immunity. It is very difficult to sue them, because you basically have to show bad faith. It would take years, and you probably cannot get a firm to take the case on a contingency basis. But good luck to you in finding the right attorney to pursue them. Source: Atty. Robert DeGroot, Family Law Attorney - Deltona, FL

Another attorney suggests going only to very large lawfirms with experience suing the state.

Immunity is not iron clad and there are exceptions that allow a lawsuit.

Also, generally the torts you mention, libel, slander, are state claims generally brought in state court, you may have some form of a civil rights action in Federal Court and may be able to seek other relief including declaratory relief.
Source: Shriver Center National Center on Law, Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid Attorneys ┬╗ Chapter 9: Relief

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