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Unlawful Detainer isn' the case or is it ?

by Clint
(Summerfield, FL)

I'm in Marion co Florida, I have a pending Unlawful detainer case against me and the co residents.. someone bought the place and wants us out. here is the situation and status as of to date,

the Unlawful Detainer case was filed by the Plaintiff whom didn't Name nor Serve the other
parties.. case was dismissed on those grounds as it was my first answers and counter claims,. it didn't go further down the line of issues I've raised so far,.

Story: He got the deed in an Unscrupulous Transaction and terms / conditions to settle an Unscrupulous Debt and funds that were generated from Unscrupulous trades,.

Issues: The Property has a Mobile Home on it in a Residential Subdivision NOT in a Park, He DOSE NOT OWN nor Hold the TITLE to the Mobile Home, another Party that isn't related to him or the prior owner he got the deed from does,

This person Holds it as collateral for a Debt when the prior owner bought the land from him.. but didn't pay him in full.. in which hasn't been settled as of yet.. so this third owner has acquired this unknown Debt in the process of getting the deed from whom he bought it from..

ISSUSE coming up next round will be: HE Doesn't Own the DWELLING Someone Else does, what is the Correct Case of Venue to take.. I Don't think its Unlawful Detainer in a County Court Case but an EJECTION case that needs to go to the Civil Circuit Court.

which is option is the right one ?

the Judge in this case isn't really experienced in this Area of the law from what I'd seen that morning and have heard from others.. She's better known for County Criminal Cases, Bond, DUI and Drug Treatment, and some Criminal Traffic .. she was a prosecutor before becoming a Judge.. her Back Ground isn't very experienced in Extensive Civil Case litigation matters and it showed that morning since she appeared not certain herself on how to proceed other then to dismiss with out prejudice, on the Grounds of Unnamed and Unserved Parties.. as the other issues didn't come up.

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