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Why I love FALDP- My Divine Connection

by Veleria Henry
(Seminole County)

I believe in divine connections, and I am confident FALDP is that for me after facing the greatest challenge I had to encounter in my life in 2011. After being employed with a small firm for a few years, I was told my employment status would become an independent contractor. This forced me to start my own business before I desired in order to keep income with the firm. Three months after that, I was informed the firm would be closing due to relocation out of state and letting me go with a month notice.

Life is full of unexpected circumstances and challenges that we embrace to survive. I began to pray to God for direction, how I could remain in the field and continue to get training courses, connect to others that share the same field of work, as well as expand so people would know about my company. One night I was working on my English class essay, which required me to write a closing argument, as if I was the lawyer for my client. I wanted to make sure I was accurate on the format so I begin to search the website inserting words (i.e. answer, closing argument, etc.)

In doing that, FALDP appeared and I opened the link. I became so interested in the information on the site and said “Oh my God, thank you so much”. My heart was filled with joy it had everything I wanted and was praying for. I stayed on the sight for a great deal of time distracted from my English paper. I was amazed the membership fee was affordable.

In a few weeks, I called FALDP spoke with Ms. Ruth Tick who enlightened me about the association, conference and membership. I shared that I was looking for an organization with ongoing training, conferences and referrals for the same type of work. In December of 2012, I purchased 2 courses and received 2 free with the associations special without being a member. I was so thankful to be able to experience the benefits FALDP offered. I told her I would be joining soon and telling others about the association.

January 2013, during FALDP membership drive my divine connection with FALDP was executed. I am excited about the opportunities that I have with FALDP and what we will bring to each other as we fulfill our life purposes. In this short time, I have found FALDP leaders to be respectful, understanding and willing to give assistance to the members.

FALDP was my confirmation that God was with me; He answered my prayers with this divine connection for me. This confirmed the scripture that I had been praying during this transition:

(Isaiah 48:17 KJV) Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.
I love FALDP, my divine connection to this new season of my business career.


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