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The FALDP Docket -- July 2020
July 17, 2020

Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers

The FALDP Docket

Volume 10 Issue 7; July 2020

This is our monthly newsletter. We publish this for the benefit of FALDP members, legal document preparers, and friends. Published monthly since May, 2010


Membership Renewal

The last day to renew is July 31. Members who fail to renew, will be dropped from the site and membership roster on August 1. Renew now on our Membership page. If you joined FALDP in March, April, or May of this year, you do not need to renew your membership until 2021. And remember, when you renew, your member listing climbs up the page. Your listing gets more attention the sooner you renew.

Conference October 3, 2020

We've decided to host our 2020 Conference as a virtual conference due to the coronavirus. In polling members, I found that some were willing to attend a live conference, however, many were not. The date set is Saturday, October 3rd. Please set aside that day. We plan to make it interactive, informative, and fun. More details to come. Please be sure to read next month's issue of this newsletter, and watch for updates on our site.

For the first time ever, and for obvious reasons, we'll host our 11th Annual Conference as an online event. Members - mark the date! And, if you're a document preparer and not yet a member, there's still time to join. 800-515-0496.

We'll add more and more information as we get closer to the date. Be sure to check for updates in this monthly newsletter. And check our Annual Conference page to learn more.

Members - We Need Your WHY Videos.

Send me your WHY video. We're creating an FALDP documentary and want to compile videos from our members. You can make the video on your phone or tablet. Please keep it short - no more than 1-2 minutes. Its a WHY video because you're giving your personal story as to why you're in this business. Why you started it, why you stayed. Why you like it. See what I mean? Please keep it real. I am not looking for videos about how much you enjoy helping people - we all do. Send it to as an MP4. By sending your video you're consenting to it being used as part of our FALDP documentary and being uploaded to our You Tube Channel. Deadline is 8/15/2020.

Other Renewals

FALDP Certified Members - Please make sure that you've completed at least 10 Continuing Education Units since August 1, 2019. AND provided us with that information.

Virtual Providers - Please renew your virtual provider designation. If you're not sure if you need to renew, look at the Virtual Provider listings on any Member Directory page. We began date stamping virtual providing this past March. If you don't have a date stamp prior to March 2019, please renew your virtual provider listing. Its $30 per year.

Both of these can be taken care of inside the Members Only page You know the password. If not, call us at 800-515-0496 or email The Members Only password will change on August 1 and will come to members via email.

Turn Key Bundle Update

We now offer four Turn Key Bundles, starting at $699. All include membership and the Avoid UPL Course. Each of the bundles also includes up to three course choices and business products.

Choose your best bundle. We're offering more options so that you get more of what you want. You can still purchase any of our services one at a time. Our bundles provide you a way to save. We'll be happy to help you calculate your savings, just give us a call at 800-515-0496, or explore this site to find all the information you'll need.

Next FALDP Webinar 8/8

We'll host our next FALDP Webinar on Saturday, August 8 @ 11:00 am. Keep an eye out for an invitation from in the week prior. This webinar will focus on customer service, handling the difficult customer, and getting paid what you're worth. In addition, we'll provide more information about our upcoming conference.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

During a time like this, virtual meetings are a necessity. These can be agonizing if not done right.

Online meetings come with peculiar liabilities. Basic etiquette can solve these.


1. The Golden Rule: Treat your online meeting like a regular meetingArrange your day so that you can be present during the meeting. If it were not an online meeting, it would be in a meeting room with everyone there and participating. The fact that it is an online meeting does not make it okay to do the groceries while attending the meeting.Get comfortable in a chair at a desk. Have your coffee or water handy. Are you able to take notes? Use a device that makes it easy to see slides or other content. If you're not set up well, you could hold up the meeting by asking for data that is visible to all but you. A tablet or PC is usually good for viewing slides, but a smartphone isn't always.

2. Avoid Background Noise - In line with the Golden Rule, set up for the call in a suitable meeting-like environment. If a face to face meeting cannot happen there, don't do an online meeting there.It is good etiquette to mute yourself if there is background noise coming from your environment. But the mute button hampers the natural flow of communication. A speaker can feel alone when others are too silent.

3. Arrange a Good Internet ConnectionSet up to avoid the "poor bandwidth" situation. If you are driving and are on your cellphone, your fellow meeting attendees will struggle to hear you . Why didn't you bother to arrange your day better?Had this been a regular meeting, would you be driving through a rain forest?

4. Use a Good HeadsetAvoid a headset that winds up under your nostrils making you sound like Darth Vader.

5. SpeakThis actually falls within the realm of etiquette. It is easier for everyone to engage in a real-life meeting. We need to show more effort during online meetings.As a starting point, if your software and bandwidth permit, use video as requested. This is the closest approximation to a real-life meeting. Visual elements enhance communication. Attendees will see your agreement before they hear it. This speeds things up.

If your attire is not appropriate for camera, get changed. If a camera makes you uncomfortable, remember that people see you in real-life anyway.

Sometimes, bandwidth, software or even number of attendees make video impractical. In the absence of visual perception, the only evidence of your presence is your voice. For these meetings to work, you have to speak. Not speaking is like arriving at a regular meeting and hiding under the table. You are there but you don't want anyone to notice.

Find appropriate ways to use your voice to keep the flow of communication alive. Give acknowledgments, ask questions and offer quick comments. Use your voice more than you would do in a regular meeting. This shows that you are attentive and it keeps everyone engaged.

Many people use text chat during online meetings. They seem more comfortable using this feature to speak. Alerts can become distracting, especially when people start asking questions by text. As much as you won't interrupt someone in real life, don't text chat while someone is speaking.

It is best to use the text feature at the speaker's instruction. For example, a speaker might ask a question or run a quick poll and ask for your responses by text chat. Otherwise use your voice to keep the flow as natural as possible.

New Private Facebook Group

So many people who were not FALDP Members were asking to join the FALDP Members FB group, that we started a new group. Its called Florida Pro Se Help It is open to pro se litigants and document preparers alike. But, it is not meant to be a commercial group, just people helping people. Pro se litigants are very confused about courthouse closing and procedure. And, most do not have the ability to search out the information they need.

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

We have a growing list of videos on our channel - FALDP on YouTube They are meant to explain, inform, and advertise our services. Please take a look, make a comment, and help us spread the word about our members' services.

FALDP Logo Display Guidelines

We are issuing Video Logos to members when they join or when they renew membership. The Video Logo is the only proper way to display the FALDP logo on your website, in social media, and in any online advertising.

According to FALDP's logo display guidelines, members who have a website are required to display the FALDP logo on their site. The size should be large enough for people to read, something around 400 x 400 pixels. And remember to consider people who may view your site on their phone. Size matters. This video logo helps consumer verify FALDP membership, and also gives more explanation as to what FALDP is all about.


We have been phasing this in for several months, beginning with new members, and now we're providing members with the FALDP Video logo upon membership renewal.

We realize that not everyone has not received their video logo yet. Please bear with us. Members may continue to use the static logo on their site, while waiting to receive their video logo. And the static logo can always be used on print advertising, letterhead, business cards, etc.

Parenting Course

Parental Education and Family Stabilization Course is mandatory for all divorcing couples who have children; and all people seeking a paternity action. The cost is $29.99 and $14.99 for indigent.Here's the link directly to the - Parenting Course

Parenting Course Affiliate Opportunity

Our Parenting Course Affiliate Program is here. All FALDP members who refer divorcing/ separating parents to our FALDP endorsed Parenting Course can participate. No need to sign up. Consumers pay $29.99 or $14.99 for low income and indigent. Referrers receive $3.00 for every full pay referral, and $1.50 for low income/ indigent referral. When consumers enroll in the course, have your customers enter your name as the referring party, and keep track of who you referred. Send us an invoice by the 10th of the month for all referrals in the previous month, and we'll send you your affiliate compensation. We can send payment through Google Pay or Paypal only. And, remember it is up to you to send us an invoice or request for payment. Simple?

When your affiliate income reaches at least $15. we'll let you know, so that you can request payment.


Business presence in Florida

Business presence in Florida - Members who are not physically in Florida are required to maintain a business presence in Florida. This means if you are physically located out of state, you must either form a Florida corporation or Florida LLC, or register as a foreign entity.

Mandatory Course - Avoid UPL! - To be taken annually

Most members have completed this course by now. If you have not yet taken this course, please do so as soon as possible. This is a Members Only course. If you did not purchase this course when you joined, you can register for it inside the Members Only area. Members who have not completed this course between August 1, 2019 and July 31, 2020 may be suspended. Suspension means that your information will be removed from the Member Directory and you'll be required to remove the FALDP logo from yur advertising. Members are required to take this course every year. It is your responsibility to let us know you've completed the course by taking the quiz, completing the essay, and/ or submitting the exit survey. If you have any question as to whether you completed the course - contact us. This course was designed to protect our members from falling into the vast sea of nothingness and confusion, also called a UPL investigation.

Don't have a site yet? Try Monarch Web Strategies

Horizon Research Network is one of our associated sites which includes our design services. We build business websites for FALDP members for only $500, which includes your domain name and first month's hosting. And, have you seen our whiteboard videos online?We can create a custom whiteboard video to promote your business. Once built its yours to use in any of your advertising or promotions. Contact us for a custom quote.

FALDP Private Facebook Group

About one third of our membership has joined the FALDP private Facebook group. We created it to make it easier to interact with each other. So far, people have given work referrals to one another; asked questions to the group; received help in locating a form; and discussed various issues. If you're working toward FALDP Certification, you earn one CEU just by joining the group. So, what are you waiting for? Look for the private group after going to the official FALDP Facebook page at FALDP,LLC on Facebook.

Member's Announcements & Contributions

Have something to share?

We accept member's announcements and appreciate your contributions. If you have an announcement about your business, an expansion of services, moving your offices, or winning awards, please send us the information and we'll include it in our newsletter. Your announcement needs to be pertinent to your business, we are unable to include announcements about other trade associations, clubs or groups.

If you would like to write an article, editorial, opinion piece, or web page please let us know. We are always in need of fresh information and insights.

FALDP Contact Information:
Main number – (941)237-0951
Toll free - (800)515-0496
Email –

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