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Special Conference Issue - FALDP Docket
September 01, 2022

Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers

The FALDP Docket

Special Conference Issue - August 2022

We Can Hardly Wait!


Can you believe it?! This will be our thirteenth. Wow. And, yes, we're back in Daytona Beach at our favorite little resort, the

Fountain Beach Resort .

If you are passionate about your business, about helping consumers, and about the future of our industry, we need you at this conference. We need fresh ideas, analytical minds, and collective energy.

This year there won't be any guest speakers, instead it will be a workshop format. With the Conference Info Pack, attendees receive descriptions of the six working groups, with instructions to choose one or twoto collaborate with. Although pekople will choose their groups, we may move people around in the working groups for balance and need for specific expertise.

Our conference will be 9-5 on Saturday September 10th in the conference room. This is a members only conference, but there's still time to join our association. join and learn about membership details on our premium-membership.html page.

The fee for the all day conference is $105. And accommodations at the Fountain Beach Resort for conference attendees is $79. per night.

This year we're planning a workshop format. The results can be amazing when a lot of people have the opportunity to work together and interact.

"It's not enough to be nice in life ... sometimes you must accept the risks, and embrace the future. anonymous

When we can work together on a solution to legal access, help for pro se litigants, and educating the public about their rights, we help ourselves by defining exactly our role in the legal system.

Also, during the run up to the conference, the conference fee is waived with purchase of one of our Turn Key Business. Membership is always included in all of our Turn Key Bundles. Learn more here - Turn-Key-Business.html

New members can submit payment for membership and the conference together. Here - Conference-Registration.html Remember, this is a member's only conference. Do not submit payment as a member for $105, if you haven't joined yet. If you're a prospective member, and want to attend the conference - please jump off of that fence today. We are reluctant to impose a hard deadline, because we want everyone who wants to come to be included. But, we do need some time to process each new membership.


The baby step is one of the strongest tools you can use to achieve your goals. Baby steps come from breaking your larger goal into smaller and smaller elements, which you then achieve one by one. When all feels lost, when you're overwhelmed, when the mountain seems too high, baby steps can keep you moving toward your goal. And when we learn to work together as one, we will be unstoppable.

Baby Steps is the theme for this year's conference. We want each attendee to be involved in identifying goals or problems with FALDP, and then developing the [baby] steps to implement that change or reach that goal. I hope you're up for a challenge

We are sending out Conference Info Packs to all who register for the conference. Besides the usual driving directions and agenda, we plan to include an assignment for each attendee. The assignment will be to brainstorm and then research a specific issue. We'll assign the issue. Then when you get to the conference, we'll discuss and expand on what you found out. Don't worry it'll be fun!

Bring the Fam

We encourage our members to work hard AND enjoy life. We know you love your business, but we also bet you love your family more. Bring 'em along. If we have room inside the conference room, attendees are invited to bring an adult guest with them to the conference itself. If we don't have room or if your family member is not inclined to come to the conference, there's plenty to do in Daytona Beach.

Included in your Conference Info Pack, you'll find a list of things to do in Daytona Beach. Or, your family member can simply go to the pool or the beach, which is right in front of the resort. I don't know if there are exceptions, but during the many times I have stayed at the Fountain Beach Resort, there has always been a pool lifeguard, and a beach lifeguard.

Enjoy the video: Are you going to the conference 2022 w sound
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