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People usually choose to fight their own legal battles, without an attorney, to save money. Reliable legal information is the front door key to the legal system. Access to the legal system protects your rights.

Americans are increasingly choosing to fight their own legal battles instead of hiring an attorney. It is the right of all U.S. citizens to represent themselves in court, as pro se litigants. Keep in mind, however, there are some situations where nothing will do, but to hire an attorney.

When Not To Be a Florida Pro Se Litigant

For example, if your legal issues are multi-faceted, overlapping and intricate; or the legal issues are unclear; or your personal freedom is at risk; or large amounts of money are at stake; or you need the credibility clout that only an attorney can offer -- then hiring an attorney is probably your best path.

However, there are disputes that arise that may call for a legal solution, but may not warrant legal advice. If you know your legal rights; know what you need to do; and the issues are not intricate, fuzzy, or high risk; then handling your legal claim yourself as a Florida pro se litigant may be the best choice.

Florida Pro Se and Civil Disputes

Suppose you are having a dispute with your next door neighbor about his 100 year old oak tree. Suppose the branches of his oak tree are hanging over your house and he refuses to cut it back. You know that your neighbor prizes his oak tree because he always uses it as a backdrop for his family Christmas card pictures, so you are reluctant to trim the overhanging branches yourself.

You have tried writing letters to your neighbor to ask him to please cut it back, but received no response. Nowadays you and your neighbor have stopped speaking, only exchanging glares across the yards.

So what do you do? Nothing? Should you cut the branches off yourself? Hire a tree surgeon to cut it back and send your neighbor the bill? Live with it? Do I solve this as a Florida pro se litigant?

Suppose one of those big tree branches falls on your house, damaging your roof, what then? Should you sue him? Should you collect from your insurance company and let the insurance company sue him?

Florida Pro Se and Family Law

As a completely different scenario, suppose your wife or husband has left you and disappeared. You have heard rumors that he/she has gone on tour with an unknown heavy metal band. Now a year later, you want to move on with life, and get a divorce.

What do you do? You have no idea where to serve your ex with divorce papers. Can you complete a divorce without your ex’s participation? Do I solve this as a Florida pro se litigant?

In either of these two scenarios many reasonably intelligent and educated adults might be able to handle the legalities themselves, pro se.

Substantive Law

The first step is to find out what the laws are surrounding each issue (substantive law). Substantive law might come from codified laws such as state Statutes or from case law (precedent).

Procedural Law

The second step is to find out what the civil processes and procedures are (procedural law). Procedural law includes specific rules about notifications to the other party; time periods for responses and filings; and acceptable written language and formats for court pleadings.

Substantive and procedural laws may vary widely state to state on many issues. Procedural laws may also vary within states between circuits or jurisdictions. So, when researching laws it is important to make sure that you look for the laws specific to your state, circuit, and jurisdiction.

Florida Pro Se and the Internet

The internet has opened access to all types of legal information. Federal and state statutes, local ordinances and case law can all be found online, if you know where to look.

Once you locate the legal information and decide to go forward on your own, the real work begins. Locating the correct legal document forms and formats; then filing them correctly can be a confusing and daunting task.

Florida Pro Se and Court Resources

In many jurisdictions court clerks are prohibited from offering any help to pro se litigants, since their help might be considered legal advice.

Court clerks often refer pro se litigants with questions to the law library; or, sometimes, to the Pro Se Coordinator, working in the courthouse; the individual whose job it is to help people bring their pro se disputes to court.

Either of these services can be invaluable depending on the courthouse and jurisdiction. A good Pro Se Coordinator can look over your documents and make sure that they are in the correct format for the style of case; advise you about timelines; and guide you in collecting evidence to prove your claim.

Law library clerks can help you find forms; case law; and navigate legal databases. However, not all courthouses have a Pro Se Coordinator. Also, some law libraries are incomplete and do not employ helpful law clerks to help you find information.

Certainly, there are times and situations where only an attorney can solve your legal problem, other times you can litigate your dispute, on your own, at far less cost.

Government run Legal Aid programs are helpful as far as they go, but you generally must be indigent or near-indigent to qualify for their help.

Legal Document Preparers

Luckily, there are businesses and entrepreneurs - legal document preparers and independent paralegals - that help people with routine legal matters and document preparation. These businesses and entrepreneurs fill a need in the middle ground - assisting people who are unable or unwilling to pay steep attorney’s fees, but also need some guidance about completing legal forms, and finding information.

Legal document preparers, also called legal technicians, may assist people in completing legal forms; and offer information about how to file. No one except an attorney may offer legal advice. And, with some exceptions, no one but an attorney can represent another person in court.

Paralegals and Nonlawyers

Florida prohibits anyone except for a nonlawyer working under the supervision of an attorney describing himself as a paralegal, or a legal assistant. See our article entitled Florida Paralegal v. Nonlawyer for more information and a good laugh.

Should I Go Pro Se?

Before you make the final decision to represent yourself in your legal dispute, ask yourself a few questions:
  • Are you attentive to detail?
  • Are you organized?
  • Do you have a good command of English?
  • Are you cool under pressure?
If you answered "yes" to all of the above questions, you may be a good candidate to handle your legal dispute pro se.

So, if you feel you are up to the challenge, take responsibility for solving your own legal dispute.

Do your research; file your papers. Have your day in court.

Document Preparation Assistance

If you need some help we have ideas. First we can help by helping you with document preparation. If you would like us to put you in touch with a Florida Legal Document Preparer who can help, please visit our document preparation service and write us a summary of your needs. Or if you're a do it yourselfer you may want to visit our Online Bookstore.

Titles include:

  • Florida Family Adoptions - Stepparents, Close Relatives
  • Modifying Florida Child Support - Step by Step instructions
  • The Florida Child Support Petition Answer Book - How to answer the initial petition for child support.
  • You've Been Sued - How to prepare an answer to a civil law suit.

    Or you can ask your question on this page. Remember we are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice. We post your question as soon as we can. Anyone who knows the answer is invited to post an answer. We only ask that, if you answer, you include your source of information if possible.

    How Can We Serve You?

    Do you have a question, looking for information, or just want a local Legal Document Preparer Professional to help you with your legal document needs?

    Ask your question. Let us know what you are looking for, give as many relevant details as you can, and remember to leave your contact information.

    As legal document preparers, we are prohibited from giving legal advice, and so we only provide general information. We never mean to suggest to you what you should or should not do, except that we might suggest you continue your research or seek the advice or an attorney.

    Enter a Title (the nature of your question).

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    Filing pro se appearance in pre-trial conference traffic court 
    I'd like to be able to file a pro se appearance and request for trial at a pretrial conference so that I don't have to appear. I originally plead not …

    Can an LLC represent itself in a civil court case 
    As the president and majority stock holder of an LLC can I represent the LLC.

    Request for pro se representation 
    I am unable to afford a lawyer. I am also a resident of another state and being sued by a Florida resident. I am unable to attend court hearings in Florida, …

    Can you serve your own subpoenas? Our law enforcement doesn't do it anymore. I'm pro se. And my witness just needs it for work.

    modification of child support and visitation in Hernando County Florida 
    I need help doing modification and visitation in Hernando County, FL. I filed a supplemental petition to medication of child support. I have been assigned …

    The title company took $3000 out of my proceeds for lien on my property and it waz only $2000? 
    What can i do to get my money back?

    Neighbor hired a contracator to cut down our hedges while we were away 
    What we can do about this legally?

    after mediation 
    What happens after mediation? is the case closed?

    Removing a No Trespass Warning 
    What are the steps required to have a no trespass warning removed to permit access to a public office to view public records? Can I do this pro se?

    motion for continuance 
    I need Motion for Continuance form for dissolution of marriage.

    How much does it cost to file civil contempt in Palm Beach County? 
    My x has violated our custody/timeshare agreement because she thinks I called DCF on her and is retaliating by denying me unsupervised time with my daughter, …

    different county in florida 
    I live in Orange County Florida, but my future x-wife lawyer is in Volusia County Florida is this legal.

    Small Claims Discovery 
    I filed a suit in Small Claims Court for payment of medical services under s PIP policy. The Defendant insurance company's attorney responded with 34 …

    Neighbor is being evicted for congregating in hallways; however, it is not the resident. How can they prove that it is someone else to avoid a 7 day eviction …

    pro se motion for property release / order for property release 
    If I file a motion for release of property for a closed felony case, do I ned to include a request for hearing or and ORDER that the judge can sign to …

    Land and trees need to be cleared from neigbors land  
    I am trying to get property owners from another state who own unimproved and uncleared land next to mine. The trees and undergrowth are encroaching upon …

    Time allotted to deliver documents 
    I filed a Motion for Contempt/Enforcement, among many other forms. However, when scanning and delivering/emailing the documents to opposing council, I …

    Pro se 
    Does the judge have to grant me pro se status in a criminal case in Florida or can I just do it?

    transfer venue 
    How do I transfer venue from Broward to Palm Beach?

    Filing small claims against Tire Kingdom 
    Lack of enough oil the tech put into my van caused engine to die. Should the local Tire Kingdom be the Defendant or go to the HQ? If the HQ is in another …

    estate administration 
    I want to complain about the administration of an estate (of deceased person), I am a beneficiary. The personal rep. is not following the rules. (Florida …

    which Form to reply with 
    What is the family Law form to reply to an Answer back to the Action to Reopening Case for Modification or termination of Alimony?

    Writ of garnishment on a civil suit order 
    How to file paperwork to have wages garnished on a civil suit order?

    withdraw a contempt of court filing 
    Issues in contempt of court filing have been satisfied and I need to withdraw the filing.

    Click here to write your own.

    Court Order For DMV to transfer a title 
    Hello, I am looking for a court motion form to file which directs the DMV to transfer a title into the purchaser's (me) name. This is the step to be …

    Summary Administration for an intestate decedent. Can I go pro se in this case? 
    Summary Administration for an intestate decedent. Can I go pro se in this case in the State of Florida?

    I am searching a form to file a medical negligiance suit 
    I am searching for a form I can file a civil negligent medical suit.

    What if conpiracy is going on in you case with the judge and the lawyer but you is the plaintiff 
    What if you have a case filed here in Florida and the judge and the lawyer are working together in the case. How do you file a conspiracy against them …

    I wish to file a federal case in Florida with diversity jurisdiction. 
    I am no longer living in the united states, but I believe that a wrong was done to me. I want to file a case in Florida, but since I am pro se, does that …

    summons papers for divorce in santa rosa county fl  
    Do I need a lawyer to file a written response to the clerk of the court, can I do it myself to get more time to hire a lawyer?

    Sued for non compete...forced me to leave then enforces the no compete 
    The correct things that I will need ...the questions that I should ask the opposing lawyers during discovery...what are the rules and procedures in the …

    terminating alimony 
    Is there a form in Hernando county Florida courts that is specifically for TERMINATING alimony, not modifying it?

    Motion for partial summary judgement when amended answer and counter-claim gave him second chance to plaintiff complaint in trial for counter-claim only 
    My counter claim against landlord in previous eviction was transferred to circuit court. Only the counter-claim was pending and the eviction had already …

    Motion(s) for child support 
    I want to modify support and get back in court because my income has changed. I don't know which motion to file and how to stop support until I get back …

    Family Child Support 
    I would like to move my case from Hillsborough county to Pasco county. How do I accomplish this.

    My lawyer withdrew from my case and I need help to move forward. 
    I am the Plaintiff at a whistle blower case, which is at the discovery phase, and I am out of Miami where the case is been heard at. Can I make request …

    motion to dismiss template florida 
    Where can I find a form or format for a Motion to Dismiss (civil lawsuit) for Florida?

    I need your help  
    How do I tell the court that I've run out of money with my current attorney and I need to go Pro se? Need that form....

    filing a motion for attorney fees 
    I am looking for a template and justifications for requesting attorney fees.

    How do i request the taking of a deposition pro se? 
    Need to know how to prepare a document pro se to request a deposition from an individual in a contract dispute civil case now pending?

    Adopting a friends baby  
    Hi I'm trying to find information on the process of adopting a friend's baby without going through a lawyer, is that even possible?

    Help preparing Motion to Vacate in NC 
    Can you refer me to someone who can advise the proper procedure and documents required to file a motion to vacate a judgment for reason of fraud of an …

    Pro Se Plaintiff Civil Suit 
    I have filed a civil suit. The defendant answered the complaint. Now he has an atty for a limited appearance for service and venue claiming the defendant …

    Can I ask for my money back ($500) from my lawyer? 
    I contacted this lawyer with the hope that he could help me to recover my small dog from somebody who refuses to give him back. After telling my story, …

    What is the # of the Florida form needed to subpoena asset info? 
    I believe my X wife is receiving widows benefits from social security from her former deceased husband & has not disclosed this info on her financial affidavit. …

    Small Estate summary administration 
    Can I file asmall estate summary administration myself or do I need an attorney? DOD 4/2005 ,I was DPPOA but DEED prepared IN PA and DOES NOT STATE "RIGHT …

    What form do I use to file a change of jurisdiction from North Carolina to Florida? 
    I need to file for a change of Jurisdiction on a custody case from North Carolina to Florida

    request for hearing  
    Request for a hearing forms

    stepparent adoption 
    Am I allowed to fill out stepparent adoption forms myself? And if the bio dad lives in a different state but is willing to consent do I still use the fl …

    Click here to write your own.

    finding a local legal document preparer profssional in my area  
    I need help finding a local legal document preparer in my area to help me with preparing divorce papers. Polk County Florida

    Wage garnishment 
    Because my wages are currently being garnished, and I have four minor children to support, I must go pro se to end the current garnishment. I filed my …

    Successor Custodian 
    My mother opened a custodial account for the benefit of my daughter. My mother died. There was no successor custodian listed on the account. The financial …

    How Do I Change County Courts for My Civil Court Case 
    How do I move our civil case from Indian River County to our county of Palm Beach Florida?

    Hillsborough County Divorce Filing Pro Se, but husband is Canadian 
    I am capable of filing for Divorce Pre Se in Hillsborough County, and my husband is willing to cooperate 100%. However, in reviewing the documents that …

    What’s the procedure in court when the Plaintiff request Motion Hearing to "..bring on to be heard Defendant's opposition before the judge"? 

    Modification of Child Support 
    My name is Benjamin. I'm having a very tough time with the Polk County court system over a child support issue. I was labeled the father by default, because …

    Pro Se 
    What paperwork do I need to file for intentional tort and defamation?

    Probate my Mothers Will 
    My Mother just passed and the only thing she has is her 1 acre of land and a small trailer that was her homestead. I know I have to record her will at …

    stop wage garnishment writ 
    How do I stop wage garnishment?

    Request For Action 
    My wife filed for divorce in Seminole County, FL, we agreed on everything and filed pro se. Now, since she is the petitioner she has to turn in a form …

    conducting a deposition 
    I am a pro se plaintiff who has obtained a judgment against the defendant. Can I conduct a discovery in aid of execution deposition on a third party who …

    How do I Sue for Illegally Tapping Phone Conversations.? 
    Violation occurred in Volusia County. Have deposition where he admits to tapping phone lines.

    how to draft a court order to go along with motion to vacate final judgement for void ab inito case? 
    Geno, We need more information in order to answer you. We are answering here, because our system will not allow us to post only a headline as a question. …

    How do I protect my rights during a deposition when I'm Pro Se in Florida.

    Witness subpoena form  
    Trial appearance subpoena form for Volusia Cty,FL circuit 7, civil 31

    motion for contempt 
    I live in Connecticut and my ex wife lives in Florida with our two children. I do not have a lot of money and it is a huge expense for me to visit my children …

    Pro Se refund  
    How do I file a lawsuit to have bond and other expenses refunded when a case is dismissed by the state?

    notice for trial 
    I need to find out how to file a proper notice for trial in county court.

    Change of jurisdiction from Louisiana to Florida 
    What forms do I need to request a change of jurisdiction of a finalized divorce and child custody, support, and visitation order from Louisiana to Florida? …

    Early termination of probation Pro se motion for drug trafficking 
    My Probation Officer in Sarasota Fl advised me to obtain a pro se motion form from Polk County, Florida (the county in which I was convicted) to present …

    Mediator for indigent Civil Complaint 
    I need a mediator for a Civil Complaint filed in Okaloosa County, FL.I am representing myself pro se in a civil complaint I have been declared indigent …

    Neighbor tree cutting dispute 
    Where can I find Florida law regarding my neighbors destruction of my tree. My neighbor has cut my tree that is right at the property line. He cut the …

    Child Support Modification 
    Hello, I wish to file a modification for child support in Broward County; where I reside, but the original order of child support was entered in Dade …

    Division of Property -- Retirement Annuities 
    What forms are required to prepare Division of Property with regards to retirement annuities? My former wife filed for divorce in 2008 and was granted …

    Click here to write your own.

    Simple Battery, Collier County, Florida 
    I want to appear pro se to plead not guilty. And how do I obtain witness addresses from business, secure 911 recording, secure video of event, present …

    Judicial Negligence  
    Pro se examples of motions to fourth appellate vacating a family court order by a judge who completely disregards an un-allocated final judgement terminating …

    I want a divorce but don't know where he is 
    How can i get a divorce without knowing where he is? And no one will help me with no money.

    What is the proper wording and format for requesting a pre-trial conference? 
    How is it titled; "Motion for", "Notice of (or for)? Also am I requesting the "Court" or "this hororable court", "This Honorable Court", "THIS HONORABLE …

    Documents needed for adverse possession claim. 
    I am looking to file an adverse possession claim and in need of information on proper forms and procedures needed. An attorney is not an option for …


    Enforcing visitation with minor child 
    I want to file a pro se motion to enforce court ordered visitation with my 16 year old daughter. Her mother refuses to assist in facilitating and says …

    removal of estate trustee 
    With the death of my mother last year the trustee of the family trust has not distributed the assets. He is using the trust bank account as his personal …

    how to stop a change of venue 
    I need to petition the court to keep the current judge of over 2 years in a child custody/parenting plan case. I want to stop the change of venue as it …

    What are the correct documents & how would I go about filing them to get custody of my daughter in Sarasota County?

    filing a motion to dismiss 
    I want to file a motion to dismiss on a motion filed in Orange county florida. I believe the motion should have been filed in Marion county. It is a motion …

    my motion for temporary custoday 
    My wife has gotten into drinking a lot,and leaving our 20 month old daughter with non-family sitter two and three days and as many as two or three nights …

    Can I file dual lawsuits against the same company?  
    I am currently suing my bank for massive fraud, racketeering and RESPA in Federal Court. During the discovery phase, I acquired additional information …

    Sueing company for negligence  
    What forms or documents do i need to sue a company for negligence resulting in bodily injury to me?

    I want to file a lawsuit against a bank for returning items as unpaid when there was clearly funds available. This action ultimately affected my credibility and destroyed my financial profile 
    I just don't know how to correctly word the filing documents. Any suggestions?

    sue county 
    I am a business owner. A county code enforcer said I have no right to seal a brick paver driveway. I established in a hearing that there is no municipal …

    Child's Passport 
    The father of the child is in Brevard county; the child lives in Orange county with Mom Five years ago, the judge in Brevard County ordered the father …

    Reimbursement for my "Pro Se" efforts as Plaintiff 
    Statutes are quite clear that I would be reimbursed for "attorney fees" What about my time as a "pro se" plaintiff? How/Who is paying me for my time? Statute …

    I'm evicting my parents and siblings from my house that I own and am living in. 
    They don't pay any rent and they don't have a rental agreement with me. I told them I will be evicting them and they changed the locks. I can't get into …

    Medical Damages 
    I'm suing a major pharmaceutical company for medical damages.The federal government will be my best witness. Can a legal document preparer help me file …

    Can I represent myself as a medical expert  
    Being a Pro se can I produce the evidence as a medical expert for myself?

    Co-Plaintiffs and being Pro-Se 
    Can a husband and wife be co-plaintiffs and be pro-se in the same case??? If they can, what is the basis for this scenario (case law, statutes, etc.).

    answering appellate case 
    Is there a form to answer an appellate case?

    what do I do next? 
    I just succeeded in having my family Trust and Estate reopened because my brother (the trustee) committed fraud in these cases. Do I just sit back and …

    what papers should I need to file? 
    I have been sent a summons notice to appear for a pretrial conference. Supposedly, the plaintiff is Citibank but I suspect that is a collector pretending …

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    file for pro se 
    what forms to file to defend myself pro se

    Foreclosure legal services 
    Are there free legal services for foreclosure? I was served with a Lis Pendens over the holidays. I remember reading something about mandatory mediation. …

    Information for filing a civil rights complaint under 42 United States Code Section 1983 and 1985 
    Do you know where to obtain a "guide" or "packet" with instructions on filing a lawsuit as a pro se litigant in Miami, Florida? Filing Fees? Thanks!

    Set Hearing for Motion to Dismiss as Pro Se 
    I was unable to set hearing and mail notice of hearing for Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Prosecution as to set hears are done online. I am pro se litigant …

    Eviction Answer 
    Where do I get a form for an answer to residential eviction in Duval county Florida? Where can I download an answer to residential eviction form in Duval …

    I need a writ of attachment executed by judge 
    I need a writ of attachment executed by judge, I have all necessary the paperwork, but how do I get it in front of judge to sign and execute. No one will …

    Civil indigent's right to discovery costs 
    Is a Florida resident, declared indigent in a civil action, eligible for costs of discovery such as depositions, expert witness, etc...? Thank you, …

    Define "month"  
    The Florida Statutes refer to time or periods in "months" yet does not define same. Is this a "calendar month" or 'Lunar Month" ?

    Change of Venue/change existing order for custody 
    What forms do I need to file for a change of venue from Volusia County to Broward County and what forms will I need to change the existing order as far …

    my partner on our patent we have together has abandoned himself altogether 
    Can I get full ownership of patent? What court must I take him to? Can I go pro se in federal court?

    My Stepmother refuses to produce my father's will. They had no children and in fact this became an issue only when she refused to speak to any of us. He …


    Rights of a trust faced with 2 conflicting deeds 
    I need an ex parte declaratory judgment establishing the right to title of an out of state property. This property was properly deeded to the trust by …

    collection of unpaid child support 
    My ex wife has not paid her court appointed child support in over 1 year. We had mediation around April last year and they told her she needed to pay her …

    Forms to use in response to a 20 day summons on a contract indebtedness civil suit 
    I was served with a 20 day summons to respond for a civil suit "contract indebtedness" on a home that was foreclosed on back in 7/2010. if I don't what …

    Defamation in south Florida 
    I want to file a defamation action in Broward county and I need forms and petition sample etc

    Indigent civil defense trust fund 
    I have been certified with Palm Beach Co as indigent and the court has accepted it and transcripts will be sent over to the appeals court. I NEED to file …

    I am a pro se itigant 
    I want to know, if I can bring to actions against defendant in one claim. For example: Can I make a dentist negligence claim and a contract claim …

    medical malpractice expert needed for pro se 
    I am trying to bring suit against a doctor for medical malpractice. I am having a hard time in getting a medical expert to even talk to me because I am …

    Motion To Withdraw As Attorney 
    My attorney filed a Motion to Withdraw, citing flat out lies as reasons. No hearing was set, I never was given the option to sign, or even read the content, …

    Medical malpractice suit acting pro,se 
    I am having a hard time getting an corroborating expert opinion from a medical doctor, because he will not sign an Affidavit from me because it is not …

    pro se forms needed for civil court 
    Where do I find all the form I need to file, when my insurance company stops paying my medical claim?

    arrearage on child support 
    If the child is of age (19 years of age or older) who has the legal right to petition the court for the arrears? Since the child is of legal age and most …

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