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Welcome to the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers. This site is the Florida pro se source for Florida's self-represented litigants to find vital legal information, and professional document preparation assistance.

March Special

Membership fee waived for document preparers who purchase an Online Course Bundle of at least three courses. This applies to new members (subject to approval of your membership application) and renewing members. If you are not yet a member, please be sure to submit a Membership Application after you register for your courses. And learn about FALDP Membership here. New and Current FALDP members who take advantage of this Amazing March Special will not be required to renew their membership until June 2018. Both new and current members who take advantage of this special have time to complete the steps for FALDP Certification prior to the July 31 deadline.

FALDP Mission

We, the members of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers, deeply believe that it is the right of all American consumers to have access to the legal system, regardless of income or education. It is our mission to deliver well researched legal information to consumers.

The FALDP mission embodies our quest and our goals. We offer legal information; and document preparation assistance. We hope that by educating consumers about their legal rights -- we will have done our part to give others hope.

The FALDP mission is a journey. We have only begun, there is much to do. We hope that the confidence gained through education and knowledge will empower consumers, so they may have a fighting chance to enforce or pursue their rights in a court of law.

 “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

~ C.S. Lewis ~


Consumer and Pro Se Litigant Resources

Our staff and our members are here to help. We recognize the barriers that Florida pro se litigants face in attempting to access the legal system.  Consumers and pro se litigants click on the doorway on the left to enter. There is a wealth of information and resources on our site, please take the time to explore it. We hope you can find the answers and information you're looking for. Our overriding goal is to empower pro se litigants through information and education. You can ask a question on our Ask the Members forum, request document preparation services, and find a document preparer in your area to assist you. These quick links connect you to some of our most popular and useful pages. The navigation column on the left has links to even more information which you may be searching for.

Document Preparer's Resources

We are a voluntary trade association for Florida legal document preparers. Prospective members must apply for membership and the application will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Part of our process is a personal telephone call to learn more about a prospective member, and also to answer any questions abut membership. We are the Florida pro se source for legal information and low cost document preparation assistance. The doorway on the left includes pages and links for consumers - services and information. The doorway on the right is all about membership into the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers, education, opportunities, and industry information. We offer membership, online courses, webinars, internet marketing services, website design, and industry news. Although this is a membership site, we have very few password protected pages. With just a few exceptions our online courses are available to anyone, you do not have to be a member to enroll.

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