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Online Course Bundles

We also offer each of these courses as a stand alone course. Please visit our online courses page to learn more about individual courses. And, please read About our Online Courses to learn about our policies.  If you're not yet a member, learn more about joining on our membership page. 

Any Three Courses $499

Any three courses for a flat rate - $499. During the run up to our 8th Annual Conference your membership fee AND conference fee will be waived when you purchase this flat fee course bundle. Potential savings up to $651!

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Custom Course Bundle

Build a Custom Course Bundle. Choose any number of courses and you'll receive a 20% discount. Oh the possibilities! Because of the number of possible combinations [220 possible Custom Course Bundles!] we can't post the discounted price for each bundle here. So choose your courses, and we'll send you back an invoice for your Custom Course Bundle. Potential savings up to $256!

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Family Law Doc Prep Course Bundle

Our Family Law Doc Prep Course Bundle includes two online courses: Preparing Florida Divorce Documents and Parental Responsibility. And it also includes three FALDP Self-Help Guides: Family Adoptions, Child Support Answer Book, and Modifying Florida Child Support ($48.97 if purchased separately). Our FALDP Self-Help Guides are instant downloads that students can keep for easy reference. Our bundled price represents a 20% savings.

You save - $105.00. when purchasing the Family Law Course Bundle; instead of purchasing courses and e-books separately.

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Preparing Florida Divorce Documents

($245. if purchased separately)

Parental Responsibility - Modifications and Parenting Plans

($261. if purchased separately)

Family Law Doc Prep Course Bundle II

Our Family Law Doc Prep Course Bundle II includes four courses - Divorce Document Preparation; Parental Responsibility - Modifications and Parenting Plans; Introduction to Preparing Florida Legal Documents; and Document Preparation for Family Adoptions. You save $152. by purchasing these courses as a course bundle. Course outlines are linked to the online course page. All of our courses are also available as stand alone courses.

$245 if purchased separately.
$129. if purchased separately.
$261 if purchased separately.
$345. if purchased separately.

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Wills, Trusts, and Estates Doc Prep
Course Bundle - $359.

Our Wills, Trusts, and Estates Doc Prep Bundle includes two online courses - Summary Administration of Estate and Estate Planning and Living Trusts. Summary Admin. is probate for small estates, and does not require an attorney. By definition a small estate in Florida is probate assets less than $75,000. excluding exempt assets.

A Living Trust is a set of documents which can allow people to avoid probate altogether. Essentially a living trust allows a successor trustee to step into the shoes of the trust maker. 

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$299 if purchased separately
$129. if purchased separately

You save $69 by purchasing this course bundle instead of purchasing courses separately.

Debt Course Bundle $289.

($199. if purchased separately)

($149. if purchased separately)

The Debt Defense course focuses on how to defend against a law suit for debt. It includes forms, templates, and step by step procedures. Also includes the FALDP Self Help Guide - You've Been Sued!

Personal Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 focuses on Florida rules for bankruptcy. This course does not include forms as they are readily available from the federal bankruptcy sites. 

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You save $59 by purchasing this course bundle instead of purchasing these courses separately.

All Course Bundle $2487 ~ BEST VALUE

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Course
Estate Planning & Living Trusts Course
Post-Conviction Document Prep Course
Summary Administration - Probate for Small Estates Course
Divorce Doc Prep Course
Intro to Preparing Florida legal docs Course
Debt Defense Document Prep Course
Notary Signing Agent Prep Course
Landlord/Tenant Course
Modifications/Parental Responsibility Course
Immigration - Sponsoring a Foreign Spouse Course
Family Adoptions - Stepparent and Relative Adoptions

The All Course Bundle ALSO Includes:

Five E-Books:

  • Modifying Florida Child Support
  • Child Support Answer Book
  • You've Been Sued!
  • UPL v Legal Access
  • Florida Family Adoptions

All instant downloads. 

Custom Website:

We build a professional website to help you get your business up and running. The site we build is 5-6 pages, with a top-level domain. Site design; the first month of hosting; and one year purchase of your domain is included.

You save over $500 by purchasing the All Course Bundle 

The $75 annual membership fee is included in the All Course Bundle. Learn more about membership here. 

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