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As legal document preparers, we are prohibited from giving legal advice, and so we only provide general information. We never mean to suggest to you what you should or should not do, except that we might suggest you continue your research or seek the advice or an attorney.

How Can We Serve You?

Do you have a question, looking for information, or just want a local Legal Document Preparer Professional to help you with your legal document needs?

Ask your question. Let us know what you are looking for, give as many relevant details as you can, and remember to leave your contact information.

As legal document preparers, we are prohibited from giving legal advice, and so we only provide general information. We never mean to suggest to you what you should or should not do, except that we might suggest you continue your research or seek the advice or an attorney.

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Looking for someone to help with probate. Probably over 75k.

Motion to Withdraw vs Charging Lien 
I fired my attorney. He filed a charging lien. I am Pro Se. Does he still need to file a motion to withdraw if he filed a charging lien? It is my understanding …

Multiple Plaintiffs Represented By Private Counsel 
I am a new attorney and have basically zero experience with the waiver of filing fees based on civil indigent status. I have some questions: (1) Does …

How to become a document preparer in Florida? 
What are the requirements to become a document preparer in the State of Florida? Are there any license requirements? How does one go about becoming a …

What's the process for disestablishment of paternity in the State of Florida? 
What is the process, if any, allowed by a Florida Court of Law, to disestablish paternity of a child? How successful are these attempts?

Asset limit to qualify for indigent status? 
What are the asset limits for a person applying for indigent status when involved in a Florida civil case? Can someone own two vehicles and still qualify …

Can a Clerk deny indigent status to someone with an eviction? 
If someone has received an eviction notice and doesn’t have the money to answer to the eviction in court, can a Clerk deny that person indigent status …

Foreclosure in Florida 
How long, after you receive a notice of foreclosure, does it take to complete the foreclosure process, and have a possible resale the home, in the State …

E-filing for Pro Se Litigants 
What is the procedure for pro se litigants to file electronically for indigent status? What access to filing documents online, via ‘e-filing’, do pro …

Determining Indigence  
How does a Court determine if someone is eligible to file for indigence in a case? What all is taken into account with the determination? Are all fees …

Amending a small claim to include a request for an injunction 
I filed a small claims case. The mediation has already taken place and was unsuccessful, so a trial date has been set. It was recommended to me that I …

Unlawful Detainer isn' the case or is it ? 
I'm in Marion co Florida, I have a pending Unlawful detainer case against me and the co residents.. someone bought the place and wants us out. here is …

Request emergency visitation from North Carolina to sarasota county with no parenting plan  
Hey everyone first I want to say bear with me I do talk-to-text because I have MS and my fingers don't work as well but my daughter who is turning 12 this …

Civil indigent status 
Can a person married who's husband makes over 40,000 a year file for insolvensy/indigent status indigent status.

Change in child custody 
What are some of the grounds in which child custody can be changed? Would a substantial change in the primary parents situation merit such change in custody? …

Grandparent adoption 
What is the process for adopting a grandchild in the State of Florida?

Obtaining a Declaration of Domicile 
How do I go about obtaining a Declaration of Domicile in Duval County, Florida?

Define compelling reasons 
What are considered to be "compelling reasons" in regards to being granted an early termination of probation in the State of Florida?

Divorcing an illegal resident 
I'm married, but my husband is in this country illegally. I want a divorce and live in the state of Florida. Can I file for a divorce even if my husband …

How to obtain a lien on property 
Is there a process for requesting and obtaining a lien on my ex husband's property, for past due child support?

Affordable divorce in Florida 
What are the costs involved with filing and obtaining a Divorce in the State of Florida?

Responding to a Motion for Contempt 
Last night I received a motion for contempt via efile. It is claiming I am in contempt for failure to provide the other parent with my new employment information. …

Certificate of compliance with mandatory disclosures 
Hi there. I am a self-litigant and I completed the mandatory disclosures packet. All my support has been sent to opposing counsel via her service email …

Emergency pro se motion  
My husband just left me and our child without any means of support. How can I file an emergency motion for support? How long does it take to get an active …

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Motion for Default 
I received a notice in the mail from the court that informed me that my Husband's attorney had filed a Motion for Default in our divorce case. What is …

Civil Indigence  
How does one know if they qualify for civil indigent status?

FALDP membership 
What is involved in becoming a certified document preparer with the FALDP?

Filing a motion for early release of conditional probation in Duval County 
Hello. Can you direct me in how to go about filing a Motion for Early Release of Conditional Probation, in Duval County, FL? Thank you.

What is an apostille? How is it used, and when?

HELP!! How do you file a complaint about your attorney? 
What is the process to file a malpractice complaint against your attorney, when you represent yourself in a case? Does the court get the complaint, that …

Emergency Motion - How to file a Pro Se Motion 
What steps do I need to take to file an emergency pro se motion in my case? Are there specific forms or procedures? Thanks in advance for the information! …

Claim of Exemption or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 
I have a judgement against me from 2016. At the time, I was unemployed. I just got a job 3 weeks ago and attending school. They served my bank with a writ …

Who to call 
Who do I call to set up a hearing for a motion to compel I filed in Okaloosa County, Florida for my Modification of Alimony case?

Response to motion for civil contempt 
My ex husband has filed a motion for civil contempt with the court over the time sharing on our court ordered parenting plan. I am not in violation of …

Certification Question 
Hello, I have my Paralegal Certificate and an Associate in Applied Science. I worked as an LDA in California for a couple of years, around 2005-2007 …

How to get a mistrial of a foreclosure case for trial extending too long? Trial began, June 15, continued and heard May '16 and continued agin dec '16?  
Trial began, June 15 and bank did not have note. Judge continued the trial so they could provide the note to May '16. case was heard and the Plaintiff …

I am on community control and i was called in to work on sunday but my scheduke says I'm home am I allowed to go to work I did send an email to my probation …

Petition for judicial review, health and human services, 1129 (d)(1) social security act  
How to petition for judicial review in the US Court of appeal, 2nd district

RIGHT TO COLLECT FEES FOR LEGAL EFFORT IN SMALL CLAIMS COURT. I have spent hundreds of hours on my issue.

file a pro se motion if your attorney won't  
I filed a motion to vacate a judgment while i was still represented by counsel, 1.540(b) when i tried to get a hearing date the court would not give me …

Pro se family law trial coming up 
I am Pro Se and my ex has a lawyer (a very good one at that) I have never been to trial before, although we have been in and out of court for years. Since …

Family court pro se filing and section 4 
Working Pro se in 15th District of Palm Beach, divisional instructions and state statutes provision the pro se litigant with certain equal rights and …

Warranty Deeds 
My parents have a warranty deed on a property that was written around twenty years ago guaranteeing clear title. They also bought the property next to …

Restitution unpaid. How would I proceed in getting wages of defendant garnished? 
I was awarded restitution and the defendant hasn't paid. What steps would I take to to try to get her wages garnished to pay these owed monies? Also, can …

Challenge to denial of a documents request by my HOA. 
By my research the correct court to file such an action in (and this would be a request for a declaratory judgement that the law requires that the HOA …

Responsibility For Water Line Damage 
The water meter for my home in on a neighbor's property. My property is separated from that neighbor's property by a golf cart path. The land the cart …

Pro Se filing for Legal Malpractice 
I am looking for someone to draft a complaint for a pro se legal malpractice claim. I have drafted a demand letter, but it is time to move forward with …

price to file forms for chapter 7 bankruptcy in middle court florida?

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temporary relocation.. emergency 
Hi, I'm reporting for basic training at a federal academy, I got approved by my chain of command to take my infant child with me. So, it will be like …

I am trying to determine the forms required to submit to the court for an uncontested petition to modify alimony. My alimony judgment is currently …

Is an unsigned un-notarized baker act admissible to a judge ? 
Is aa unsigned un-notarized baker act admissible to a judge ?

Neighbor Disputes - Questions 
Can I force my neighbor to trim his vegetation back as it is laying on my electrical line to my house. What action can I take to remedy this situation? …

Pro Se Rights & Issues - Questions 
Our counsel on record was discharged by us last month. He subsequently filed a motion to withdraw as counsel on record and stated in that motion that …

Wills, Probate, Trusts - Questions 
My attorney quit. I don't know what to do at this point. Can I subpoena someone to get doctors names and who would I send that to?

Civil Indigent and Low Income - Questions 
I live in Orange county and my ex filed for divorce in Dade County, Florida. Can I file for assistance to have my mediation fee waived in Dade County even …

Family Adoption - Questions 
My son lives in Florida and i live in Minnesota and they want me to adopt my grandson when he is born in Nov. How do we go about starting the process?

Divorce - Questions 
I am looking for help in determining if I can file for a divorce in Florida. I lived with a woman in colorado for over 2 years, we filed married joint …

Document Preparation Business - Questions 
I was told that FALDP has online document training courses. If this is so, where do I find this information to sign up and take the courses?

I am so upset. I got fired a few months back and I can't find a new job. I need to get a source of income to pay my rent so I applied for unemployment …

Probation and Community Control - Questions 
If you have unpaid fines at graduation of Florida drug court, will you go to jail or not graduate?

Unauthorized Practice of Law - Questions 
I recently was looking up information on someone to help me fill out some legal forms. However I came across a story about the unauthorized practice of …

Understanding Legal Information - Questions 
Who can help me in Broward County, Florida with legal document preparation? I'm trying to figure out how to do this supplemental petition for child custody, …

Small Claims - Questions 
Do I need an attorney in small claims court? I've been sued over a tree job I did for a lady. She says she deserves a refund because we didn't remove all …

Injunctions for Protection - Questions 
I was granted an injunction against my son's father, but for some reason the judge awarded him two days and an overnight..all unsupervised. The man is …

Child Support - Questions 
I have been paying child support for seven years. My daughter had always lived with her mom. Well, about a year ago my ex(we were never married)left my …

Child Custody and Visitation - Questions 
My husband and his former girlfriend were not married when their child was conceived, however my husband's name is on the birth certificate and paternity …

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