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As legal document preparers, we are prohibited from giving legal advice, and so we only provide general information. We never mean to suggest to you what you should or should not do, except that we might suggest you continue your research or seek the advice or an attorney.

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Establishing Paternity When the prospective father is deceased and the mother is adjudicated incapacitated  
I am the custodial maternal grandmother of my granddaughter. I have had temporary custody by extended family member since 2012. Since then the mother …

My friend needs help in a case where he is pro se. I am an attorney but not admitted in Florida. Can I be his advocate as a "non lawyer" in a hearing? …

Preparing documents for our of state residents 
Can a Florida Legal Document Preparer prepare estate planning documents for non-Florida residents as long as they are drafted in Florida and/or virtually? …

Child support 
I had a contempt hearing Feb 16,202. The judge told me I needed to put in for a modification to lower my payments as covid has affected my income tremendously,also …

Husband left but stall divorce 
Can I ask for back child support if I have never filed?

court fees 
My grandson is a 21 year old autistic adult, and was arrested on 2 occasions when he was 18 for selling marijuana, to undercover police officers. He is …

Amend order of Summary Administration Palm Beach County 
My mother died testate and I successfully filed for summary administration in Palm Beach County, Florida. I have the completed order from the Palm Beach …

Discovery request on Civil Case over $15k 
I am pro se on a Civil Case of Auto Theft. The defendants state my deceased husband GIFTED them my vehicle which was an inheritance I received when my …

Inactive lawyers' name on legal doc 
Is it ok to have the name of a member of the FL Bar who is in an "inactive" status on a legal document?

Nonprofit Organization  
Filing for nonprofit organizations advice on what legal structure should I have?

Irrevocable Trust for Medicaid Purposes 
I am searching to see if there are official forms needed for Florida to prepare an irrevocable trust for Medicaid eligibility purposes. I understand that …

Legal File from an Attorney 
Do you have someone who can write a strong letter requesting my legal file from a corrupt attorney?

Request to End Probation Early 
I would like to file a request and schedule a hearing to end my probation after 18 months. I was given 36 months but have completed ALL requirements paid …

civil indigent status 
I downloaded the application and filled it out. Now what do I do with it? What court do I need to take it to?

What's the process for disestablishment of paternity in the State of Florida? 
What is the process, if any, allowed by a Florida Court of Law, to disestablish paternity of a child? How successful are these attempts?

price to file forms for chapter 7 bankruptcy in middle court florida?

I am trying to determine the forms required to submit to the court for an uncontested petition to modify alimony. My alimony judgment is currently …

Neighbor Disputes - Questions 
Can I force my neighbor to trim his vegetation back as it is laying on my electrical line to my house. What action can I take to remedy this situation? …

Pro Se Rights & Issues - Questions 
Our counsel on record was discharged by us last month. He subsequently filed a motion to withdraw as counsel on record and stated in that motion that …

Wills, Probate, Trusts - Questions 
My attorney quit. I don't know what to do at this point. Can I subpoena someone to get doctors names and who would I send that to?

Civil Indigent and Low Income - Questions 
I live in Orange county and my ex filed for divorce in Dade County, Florida. Can I file for assistance to have my mediation fee waived in Dade County even …

Family Adoption - Questions 
My son lives in Florida and i live in Minnesota and they want me to adopt my grandson when he is born in Nov. How do we go about starting the process?

Divorce - Questions 
I am looking for help in determining if I can file for a divorce in Florida. I lived with a woman in colorado for over 2 years, we filed married joint …

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Document Preparation Business - Questions 
I was told that FALDP has online document training courses. If this is so, where do I find this information to sign up and take the courses?

Probation and Community Control - Questions 
If you have unpaid fines at graduation of Florida drug court, will you go to jail or not graduate?

Unauthorized Practice of Law - Questions 
I recently was looking up information on someone to help me fill out some legal forms. However I came across a story about the unauthorized practice of …

Turnaround time 
How long does it take to get items returned from the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers?

Understanding Legal Information - Questions 
Who can help me in Broward County, Florida with legal document preparation? I'm trying to figure out how to do this supplemental petition for child custody, …

Small Claims - Questions 
Do I need an attorney in small claims court? I've been sued over a tree job I did for a lady. She says she deserves a refund because we didn't remove all …

Injunctions for Protection - Questions 
I was granted an injunction against my son's father, but for some reason the judge awarded him two days and an overnight..all unsupervised. The man is …

Child Support - Questions 
I have been paying child support for seven years. My daughter had always lived with her mom. Well, about a year ago my ex(we were never married)left my …

Child Custody and Visitation - Questions 
My husband and his former girlfriend were not married when their child was conceived, however my husband's name is on the birth certificate and paternity …

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