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Our informational legal document training courses are fundamental courses geared towards document preparers, although consumers are invited to enroll as well. If you are already well versed in preparing a certain type of document, then choose a course that will expand your knowledge - not something you already know. 

Please Note: If you are a document preparers seeking or maintaining FALDP Certification, each course is assigned 1 - 4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Our CEUs are available only for FALDP members. If you are interested in FALDP Certification, the first step is to join us

Click on the box under the course icon to go directly to the registration page for that course. Besides finding the registration form on that page, you'll also find an outline for that course, and additional details. Before purchasing, be sure to read About Our Courses to learn what you need to know.

When you register for any of our online legal document training courses, after completing the registration form, you'll be be redirected to a Thank You Page where you can pay for your course with a debit or credit card. Next, after payment you will then be redirected to the course. Be sure to save the course link somewhere else or bookmark the first page of the course before navigating away. If you navigate away, the page will disappear, and you'll need to contact us at staff@faldp.org or 800-515-0496 to recover it. All of our online courses are self-paced and completely virtual. Almost all of our courses are available to anyone, if you are interested in membership, please visit our membership pageYou do NOT need to be a member to take our courses.

updated 1/2/2023

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