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FALDP Certification is an internal certification system available to members in good standing of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers. Florida legal document preparers are not certified by the State of Florida, Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), the Florida Bar or any other entity. Members who choose to become FALDP Certified must pass a Basic Skills & Knowledge Exam; at least one Focus Area Exam; and complete 10 Continuing Education Units. 

If an FALDP member displays the FALDP Certified logo on his or her website or in any advertising, that member should also be listed on this page. Only FALDP Certified Members may use the FALDP Certified logo. FALDP Certified Members' information will be displayed on this page as each member completes the necessary steps for certification. For more information about FALDP Certification go to our certification page

Maintaining FALDP Certification requires the member to provide FALDP with a list of their CEUs which have been completed during the past year.

FALDP Certified Members

  • Member's Name: Ruth Tick
  • Company Name: Horizon Research Network, LLC
  • Website: www.ForthePeopleofFlorida.com
  • FALDP Member since: 2010
  • Focus Areas: Doc Prep for Family Law, Probate & Estates; Post Conviction Criminal and General Business
  • FALDP Certification: #161
  • Member's Name: Andrea Mathis
  • Company Name: Lady Doc Legal Services
  • Website: www.LadyDocLegal.com
  • FALDP Member since 2014
  • Focus Areas: Family Law Doc Prep; Post-Conviction Criminal; General Business
  • FALDP Certification: #163
  • Member's Name: Christine Marinkovich
  • Company Name: Affordable Divorce Source, Inc.
  • Website: www.affordabledivorcesource.com
  • FALDP Member since: 2010
  • Focus Area: Doc Prep for Family Law
  • FALDP Certification: #165
  • Member's Name: Judith Byrd
  • Company Name: Hinkle Legal Document Preparation
  • Website: www.HinkLegalDocPrep.com
  • FALDP Member since: 9/2010
  • Forcus Area: Doc Prep for Family Law
  • FALDP Certification: #1610
  • Member's Name: Bruna de Assis
  • Company Name: Coastal Doc Prep, LLC
  • www.faldp.org/Coastal Doc Prep LLC
  • FALDP Member Since: 2019
  • Focus Areas: Immigration, and Family Law
  • FALDP Certification: #221
  • Member's Name: Tiffany Uppman
  • FALDP Member Since: 2021
  • Focus Area: Family Law
  • FALDP Certification: #222
  • Member's Name: Grace Tallman
  • FALDP Member Since: 2022
  • Focus Area: Bankruptcy
  • FALDP Certification: #223

FALDP Certified Members' information is added to this page as they complete all necessary steps for certification..

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