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Debt Defense

Many consumers need assistance in defending against law suits for debt. Collection attorneys can be unscrupulous and intimidating. As with all things - information is power. Document preparers can empower pro se litigants with the basic information needed to defend themselves; and assist consumers by properly formatting pleadings in their defense.

This course focuses on documents for to fight lawsuits for consumer debt, such as credit cards, promissory notes, etc. The principles and rules of civil process and procedure apply to other types of lawsuits as well. Although, more complex than a lawsuit for consumer debt, the rules to defend against foreclosure are very similar to defending against any lawsuit for debt.

Only $219 ~ Two CEUs

Help yourself or help your customers defend against a law suit to collect a debt. This course includes sample documents, templates, and more. Also includes the most recent version of our ebook - "You've Been Sued! How to Answer a Civil Complaint". Our Debt Defense Course is completely self-paced and online as are all of our online courses. Five modules with an exam link at the end, then complete the Exit Survey to request your Certificate of Completion.

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Debt Defense - Course Outline

Module I:

  • Introduction
  • Origins of Money and Credit

Module II:

  • Anatomy of a Debt Collection Law Suit
  • Procedural Steps
  • Forms and Templates

Module III:

  • Laws and Debt
  • Fair Debt and Collection Practices Act
  • Usury

Module IV:

  • Judgments
  • Garnishment
  • Execution and Levy

Module V:

  • Readings and Resources
  • "You've Been Sued" ebook download
  • Quiz
  • Link to Course Completion Survey


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