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Everyone needs an estate plan. Planning ahead is not just for the very wealthy or the elderly. Life can change or end suddenly. Having a plan in place can substantially lessen the burden on surviving or healthy family members. A last will and testament with the various healthcare documents gives directions to the court and your beneficiaries and heirs about how you want your assets distributed. A living trust does that and more. A living trust also includes mechanisms so that if someone is incapacitated, the successor trustee can step in and take control of a person's assets and affairs. In addition, a living trust is an effective tool to avoid probate, and allows the distribution of assets without the court's involvement.

Only $209. ~ Two CEUs

Like our other courses, Wills EtcLiving Trust Document Preparation is completely online and self-paced. For  consumers and document preparers alike - this course includes fundamental information about Revocable Living Trusts (Inter vivos trusts); Last Wills & Testaments; and associated documents.

Course Outline

I. Wills Etc, & Living Trusts Documents

  • Course Objectives
  • Living Trusts and Estate Planning

II. Living Trust vs. Last Will & Testament vs. Intestate

  • With a Will
  • With No Will
  • With a Living Trust

III. Nuts and Bolts of a Revocable Living Trust

  • History and Concepts
  • Functions of a Living Trust and a Last Will and Testament
  • Documents
  • Choosing a Trustee; and Successor Trustee

IV. Descriptions of Documents

  • Living Trust Documents - itemized
  • Healthcare Documents - itemized

V. Funding the Trust

  • Explanation of Funding the Trust
  • Glossary
  • Quiz


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